Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Curious what everyone is doing (or about to be doing, if you're not out yet) when it comes to aroma ring refills? Since method has apparently discontinued them, leaving the only option at Target stores to purchase the full set (ring and refill) each time you want more refills (though the refills are at this moment still available on their method home store site).

Are you just gonna hang up your aroma ring lust? Break down and buy the full sets? Discuss!


Jamison said...

Lowes carries the refills.

Actually, Lowes has an amazing selection of Method products. I highly suggest making Lowes your new Method Lust Hot Spot.

Nathan Aaron said...

I agree! (And didn't even realize they carried the aroma ring refills! Great! BUT, if they were "supposedly" discontinued, what the crap?!? So confusing. And method leaving everyone out in the cold by not telling us WHAT is going on with the aircare STILL makes no sense to me... whatever.)

But I am a bit worried about my local Lowes, as they did have two big end caps full of method products; and have since reduced it down to only one end cap. Hopefully not a trend, as they do carry a wide selection of method products! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

For about a year now, I've been finding the aroma ring refills at Big Lots - several different Big Lots. So maybe people will be able to find them there for a bit?

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