Monday, January 11, 2010

big clean, little bottle!

UPDATE Just found out the new laundry detergent WILL be available at Target, beginning mid-February! I did a run to my local Lowe's today to check it out, but no go. But uh, perhaps I need a little patience (or a life? Not sure which. Or maybe both.) It IS the first day, you know? LOL


It's here! method brand spankin' new laundry detergent! In amazingly small bottles that take up a fraction of the room those giant laundry jugs do! Yay!

The scents include fresh air and free + clear; and new peony blossom (Hello little peony blossom! Welcome to the family!) Sounds great! Can't wait to give it the sniff test and see if I like it. The bottles are available in 50 load size (at $15.) and 25 load size (at $8.) which is pretty much on par with their current laundry line pricing. I still think their laundry detergent is a bit expensive, but then when you're sorta poor, laundry detergent in general is expensive! Well, at least green laundry detergent!

I could jibber jabber all day about it, but it'd be WAY easier for you to just run on over to and get the details; cause method's done all the work for me! And don't forget to read the Globe and Mail's big debut article (methodlust gets a shout out!), too!

AND, just to entice everyone, method's giving us an oh so nice $2.00 off coupon to get everyone started! Surprisingly (or not so much so?) don't look for the new laundry detergent at your local Target. They don't appear to be carrying it. You'll be able to pick this up at Lowe's Hardware!

So read, buy, and let method lust know what you think!


kaoticorchid said...

Their new laundry detergent looks kinda cool, but I think I may have to give it a pass. It's just not competitively priced on what other laundry detergents are pricing based on loads. My current eco-friendly laundry soap washes 113 loads for $13, and I just can't see springing $13 for less than half of that.

Maybe if Method wasn't constantly redesigning their laundry line and just concentrated on marketing it for awhile before changing it up they might be able to build up a bit of a profit margin on it and maybe lower their prices on it a bit?

It really is a shame because I've used their laundry products in the past and totally lust them, just can't afford them or justify the expense.

Stephen said...

Not in Lowes yet. I'm a bit impatient and stopped in my local store during lunch. What about fabric softener? Are they going to concentrate that eventually too (wouldn't that be nice)? In the meantime, can we please have Peony Blossom fabric sheets or liquid. I prefer liquid.

Nathan Aaron said...

Stephen! We did the same thing, and had the same result! We are impatient! Ha ha!

Stephen said...

I swear I may try another Lowes tomorrow. I have enough detergent for 1 load, maybe 2, but I have more laundry than that to do. Method finally introduced something at the same time I planned to buy it, if only it were on the shelves ready to buy.

Nate said...

The video shows them using a HE washer. Do you know if the product works in standard top loaders too?

kirby said...

I absolutely cannot wait to try this. And peony blossom? That sounds promising!

Jamison said...

Nate: It does.

wenlees said...

Has anyone got there hands on one yet?
I'd love to know if the pump is refillable? I have a bunch of method detergent stored up at home (sale!) but i love this pump idea... great for when i gotta drag everything to the laundry matt!

Nathan Aaron said...

Not yet! (Well, at least not me.) Hopefully by the end of the week! I would think it would be refillable, but the whole "four pumps" thing would not really work with the old detergent, as it was only 3x (I believe) concentrated, where the new one is 8x concentrated! So, if you're going to fill it up, extra pumps! (Like maybe 11 pumps?)

josh said...

jackpot! just got me a bottle of freshair 50 loads with the coupon. I'm curious as to why the peony is eleven cents more expensive than the other two.

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