Thursday, January 28, 2010

what'cha think?

So! method's new laundry detergent! Moisturizing hand wash! Have you found these snappy new products? Gave them a try?

Which scents have you bought? Fresh air? Peony Blossom? Cucumber + aloe? Coconut cream + honey?

What do you think? Throw us your reviews (now, or when you DO find the products!)


melanemac said...

We only have the Fresh Air laundry detergent from the package that Method sent to the advocates. I'm not a big fan of the's kind of perfumy...we will probably be buying the Free when we need more.

I couldn't find the new handwash at Target (and we need some as we are out)...couldn't find the old ones either though.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I bought the fresh air-I love it. So compact and easy to tote to the laundry. Great packaging-great product!

Tracy said...

So far so good with the Peony Blossom detergent I found at Lowe' (even if I had to check 2 Lowe's for 2 weekends before they finally had them in stock)
I washed one load so far ... and it came out smelling really good.
This weekend I will test out some more loads and see how good it is at getting out the dirt. The packaging is clever. Its compact and easy to use and no drips or gunk on the bottle.

kirby said...

I just found the new products at Target YESTERDAY! Not nearly as excited about the peony blossom detergent as I thought I'd be. We snatched up a bottle of fresh air scent. My husband is in disbelief that this 10 ounce bottle is really going to *clean* 25 loads of laundry. We're a little too excited to try it out.

And the coconut cream + honey hand wash? I just know that this is going to be something taken away from us tragically early...because I absolutely love it. Go figure. The tumultuous life of a method luster.

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