Tuesday, January 5, 2010

makin' a splash!

The otters are back! (Sorta, temporarily, kinda for a bit) But this time around, they're making a splash at your local Big Lots!

I did a little roaming around a nearby Big Lots tonight (always scouring to see if method has decided to get rid of some oldie but goodies! Every time I hope and finger cross that I'll find me some frosted fir candles, or hand wash, or eh, anything frosted fir. But so far, no luck! Random, yes!) But what DID I find in the beauty section of my Big Lots - Otters! Since method has now given Mr. Otter's job to Mr. Penguin (remember how on daytime soaps they'd say sometimes, when an actor or actress wasn't able to do her role for a couple days "The role of Mr. Otter is now being played by Mr. Penguin." Remember? Oh, does anyone even watch daytime soaps anymore? Eh. I guess not, since they're all being cancelled. Ok, enough rambling. Riiight.)

You can find it all. Bubbly bath (picked some up, smelling awfully rice milk + mallowy as I type this!), crisp apple and fuzzy peach body wash and 3-in-1 shampoo! Keep in mind at least at my store, the body wash was with the body wash, and the shampoo was actually located elsewhere, of course in the shampoo section (so even though the bottles look identical, they did place them in content specific areas, unlike at Target.) So if you're hunting for some baby/kid method goodies, now's your chance! Mine were only $3. a piece! Have fun! And of course, let method lust know if you happen to find any other method goodies at Big Lots while you're out and about!


Jamison said...

Good! Glad I'm not the only one that uses Method Kids and Baby.

Jamison said...

CANDLES! Lots and lots of candles.

Need I go on?

I found a ton of candles at my local Big Lots. Such a happy day.

Nathan Aaron said...

Air? What have you been smokin', Jamison. LOL Did you just find all these candles? Hmm! I might have to go check out some more Big Lots!

Nathan Aaron said...

Oh, and are they the new glass jar, or the ceramic?

Jamison said...

Fresh Air? Sweet Water?! What's that one with the blue label? They're the one in the old school ceramic. I stocked up. The house is going to be smelling like Citrus Cilantro this Spring. If I could just find Fresh Cut Grass I would be in heaven.

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL Sweet water! Yeah, I have like eleven fig candles and word, at LEAST eleven (probably more) lavender lemongrass candles in my cabinets. Sorta crazy, but what can you do but stock up, especially now that you can't even buy them in Target, etc.

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