Sunday, January 3, 2010

clean sweeps

A couple of quick method items I've noticed this past week!

+ Be sure to look out for the slightly redesigned method marine naturals bottles coming your way very soon! Oh the shape is still the same, but they've replaced the white stripe label design with a much simpler big white text printing on the bottle. While I do think it really designs down the look of the bottle (something method sorta keeps doing every time they update their bottle designs, if you ask me. Thoughts?) it IS at least really easy to read now!

+ Love your method vanilla apple aircare pills? Well, you might have to pay a bit more, compared to lavender lemongrass or sweet water lusters! (Which yes, makes no sense.) In the continuation of "WTFreak is going on with method's aircare line?" (It's still around, so my doom and gloom it's going away guess did not come to fruition. - Yet? Though I swear, I think it's about time method did a big ole' aircare shake up. I find the line just boring at this point. And there's NOTHING new going on with the thing. And now with the loss of the candles (which are currently only available on method's website, as far as I know) and no aroma ring refills (though the ring is still available?) and only three scents, eh, come on method, I love aircare. Can't live without it, honestly! But it's time for some cha-cha-changes! Make us proud, ok? Crosses fingers.)

OH, now where in the world was I? Yes, ok. method unfortunately has no control over the pricing Target puts on their products (to my understanding) so it's really weird that Target seems to be testing the waters with their aircare pricing. Right now if you purchase lavender lemongrass or sweet water pill refills, $7.99. Vanilla apple? $8.99 (which, is crazy. I think $7.99 is crazy, so $8.99 is just maddening.) Along with that, if you purchase the vanilla apple or sweet water aroma rings, $5.99. Lavender lemongrass? $6.49. See, see, I told you, it makes NO sense. But just a warning next time you head in to pick these items up. At least until Target figures out what it is they really want to do. (Aroma spray is still $3.99, and aroma sticks are also still $12.99.)

+ The holidays items have hit clearance. I've seen some soap here and there. Though not much, and usually only in peppermint vanilla. Only a mere 15% off right now, so you might want to wait a tad bit longer, unless you think you might miss out. Oh, and don't even think you'll find a candle, cause those things are like, history. They were history in November. Well, at least around my parts, that is.


Jason said...

The only Method on clearance around here is the Peppermint Vanilla hand wash. Everything else sold out well before Christmas.

I noticed that the Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine products sold out as well. I'm not a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers scents, but that Iowa Pine was delish! Hope it makes a return for the holidays this year - I'll be stocking up!

Nathan Aaron said...

OR, method could give us some frosted fir lustin' this 2010 holiday! Please, please, method! I loved that scent (though and I agree with you the Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine rocked!)

Jon said...

I ran into a bunch of the Holiday soaps and even some candles yesterday at one of my Targets. The cool thing is I had 2 $2.00 coupons and ended up getting 2 bottles of Hand Soap for a grand total of EIGHTEEN CENTS!!!

Ya gotta love that!

Netta said...

My target is always the last to get method items, it pisses me off. They just got marine naturals over the summer (only 1 scent by the way). The aircare line could definitely use some revamping it is so boring with the same old scents all the time. Sometimes I have to cheat on method with febreze just to get some variety. I don't remember my target every getting any of the holiday scents. I had to order mine from the website. My target sucks!!!

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