Thursday, January 21, 2010

while the gettin's good

Looks like my question below ("what's gonna happen to the current moisturizing hand wash line?") has been answered! Target has just put all the white tea, olive leaf, and almond flower moisturizing hand wash on clearance. AND I do believe these products will be discontinued and replaced with the new line. So if you love'em, buy'em up while you still can!

And while you're at it, Target has also put the moisturizing line body bar soaps, and (oddly) pink grapefruit all-surface wipes on clearance.


Along with that, method lust reader Jamison let me know Target is currently having a sale on many of method's products (lots for $2.49!) so now's your chance to stock up!


Jamison said...

Pink Grapefruit Wipes on clearance?! How bizarre. How bizarre.

Nathan Aaron said...


The Classy Stoner said...

What else is in the new line? New wipes?

Nathan Aaron said...

No, it's just the new moisturizing hand wash. No other addition. I think Target is just being Target and getting rid of the pink grapefruit wipes (which seems crazy to me, you would think those would be selling well for them!) and the old moisturizing line is just being phased out for the new one. I think the body bars might be going way too; but I'm not sure about the moisturizing body wash. :)

Jamison said...

And guess what else is on clearance: THE OLD LAUNDRY DETERGENT! Stock up now at Target. They're making room for the new stuff.

Nathan Aaron said...

Ohh, cool! I just hate that initial "only 15% off" wait. LOL It's like "WAS: $14.99 NOW $13.49!" WHOO! LOL Cool, thanks!

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