Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've got a small confession to make. I've never been a huge method pink grapefruit fan. Something to do with the pink (you'd think I'd love it. Hello, gay guy here! Pink. I think it's required in the bi-laws. I joke, I joke!) Perhaps it's that whole "blue raspberry" thing. I hate that hip kid crap. There isn't a single flavor of just raspberry around anymore. It's all gotta be blued up, you know? So that youngin's think it's cool! (Raspberries are red, people. Freakin' red!) And for some reason I also lump pink grapefruit into that. Hold up, I'm thinking of pink lemonade, aren't I? That nasty lemonade stuff that ruins what real lemonade is all about! Oh my word! I'm right! All this time I've been holding a grudge towards method's pink grapefruit, and it was never it's fault. It was mine! Thank you, therapist! What a breakthrough we've had here! I feel like a new man! I love you, pink grapefruit! I love you!

Oh uhm, which leads me to what I'm about to say. I. Love. Pink. Grapefruit! Hold on, hold on. Let me explain all this. So yeah, I'd bought the spray cleaner ages ago, and yeah, it was alright. But it didn't zing for me. It just sorta blipt for me. And everyone knows a zing is way more than a blipt. So I still kept my pink grapefruit dislike out on my shoulder. My big pink grapefruit chip, sitting on my shoulder. I wished method would just get rid of the scent, and bring us back something classy like their original grapefruit mandarin kitchen scent! Or another great scent! Something better than... blech, pink grapefruit.

Then today, I decided to get my work office some more method hand wash. We have two men's bathrooms, and I had stocked one of them, ages ago, with some ginger yuzu hand wash. Wasn't really a fan, thought it'd be a great way to use it up properly; and while still not being a huge ginger yuzu fan, it did give me a little "method perk up" everytime I went and washed my hands! But, we just ran out of the ginger yuzu a couple days ago. For a moment I thought "eh, I'll just let the cleaning lady put in some SoftSoap, like the second bathroom has" but of course came to my senses, and ran to Target to pick up some more method hand wash. I thought about what scent to go for, and ended up getting the pink grapefruit. I thought to myself "Eh, I'll give this scent one more try!" And now...

I. Can't. Stop. Wanting. To. Wash. My. Hands. Oh my word, it's so Heavenly! It's so perfectly grapefruit (I'm ignoring you, pink.) It's so citrusy and fresh and mmm! I could eat it. I could eat it all up! I could eat it up with a nice side of even more pink grapefruit! I could eat it on a train! I could eat it on a plane! I could even eat it... but oh yeah, erm, and now I just lust washing my hands! And I don't care that I've purchased a pink hand wash for the men's room! Cause mmm, mmm, and more mmm! (My co-workers probably care, but did I happen to mention mmm, mmm, and I don't care cause mmm!)


Have any scent experiences you gave a second try, and fell madly in lust with? Tell us!

Oh and PS - How could I possibly 4ever hate a scent that in French is pronounced pamplemousse rose! I mean, come on, it's pamplemousse rose! - j'adore!


kirby said...

I only just recently decided I LOVE the cucumber scent! Where have I been? My husband (who admittedly does more house stuff than me) lusts it and asked why I hadn't started using it years ago.

And I think my kitten loves the cucumber scent because lately every morning she's been bringing kitchen sponges and dish cloths downstairs to me while I'm in bed. "Let's clean the kitchen right MEOW!"

Jamison cOMBS said...

Strangely, I've recently had the same experience with Pink Grapefruit. I've always hated the "pink" part about the Pink Grapefruit products, but lately decided to give it another shot. I'm finding I don't mind the pink because the crisp, clean, summer-like scent of grapefruit outweighs the pink Handwash, Dish Soap, and All Purpose Spray sitting around my kitchen. Though, when I change up scents, everything has got to match. Maybe pink will be this summer's new hot color.

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