Monday, March 21, 2011

keepin' it comin'!

Even more new (or perhaps, for one, newish!) goodies have popped up, method style! method luster Jeff let me know via email and the pic below that he just found method laundry detergent in water lily + aloe at his local Whole Foods! Whoa! That's an old school scent making a comeback, peeps! method used to have water lily + aloe detergent a long, long time ago! Looks like they were fond of the scent! Not sure if It's a Whole Foods exclusive, but you can also purchase it on method's online shop! (One thing I did notice is the lavender + cedar 50 load is now missing from their shop. I'm hoping they haven't discontinued it! I lust me some lavender + cedar! And the bigger, the better! The 25 load is still showing, though. So that's good news!)

Along with that, while roaming around in Earthfare this weekend (a store similar to Whole Foods, and Fresh Market, etc.) I stumbled upon method squirt and mop floor cleaner in ginger yuzu! I've never seen ginger yuzu scent in this product! Now, I know Whole Foods holds most of the exclusive ginger yuzu method products (spray cleaner, dish soap, etc.) so this may also be a part of that line, and Earthfare just happens to also carry it? (And, that's the only method item Earthfare carries!? method, get on this!) I asked why this was the case to the store manager, but he didn't really have much of an answer besides "shelf space" (sure didn't seem to keep Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Gen. from taking up a huge area of the shelves!) You can also purchase this floor cleaner on method's site, as well!


Jason said...

new foaming hand wash in hibiscus flower!

Nathan Aaron said...

Yay! Have you seen this on store shelves, or just on method's site? Thanks!

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