Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sneak peek - foaming hand wash

UPDATED Even more new stuff?! No way! Yes way! Looks like method has finally begun debuting their new collection of hand washes! First to pop up is their new hibiscus flower foaming hand wash, which you can grab right this very moment via their online shop (and thanks to reader Jason for the heads up that the hibiscus flower hand wash has made it's appearance!) method's current waterfall scent will also become part of their foaming hand wash line (pic above for both products.) Both of these foaming hand wash scents are here to stay (not limited editions, my bad!)

You'll also, along with these foaming hand washes, soon be able to pick up new limited edition lemon mint, juicy pear and clementine gel hand washes at your local Target! That's right, method is rolling out five shiny new hand washes - two permanent, three limited edition, giving us method lusters heaps to be excited about!

Be sure to let method lust know when you start spotting these new products on your local store shelves!


Anonymous said...

psst, these are not limited edition. they're here to stay!

Anonymous said...

the hibiscus and waterfall i mean.
the rest --- limited edition

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