Sunday, March 6, 2011

spankin' new bottles!

Check out the great new bottle design method's all purpose cleaners will be sporting (the grapefruit cleaner in this photo!) They've had the squared off bottom bottles for years now, so I'm glad to see this new look! Thanks to method luster Jason for the photo!

And this photo was just sent in to me by lust reader Jeff! Thanks! (Take notice that the glass cleaner is now listed as glass + surface cleaner. Hmm!)


Jason said...

I saw the new shape on the glass cleaner today. It looks really good and still has a square shape to it.

Nathan said...

Well, I meant more so the bottom was really squared off. Now the whole bottle looks sleek and squarish. I'm loving it (haven't seen it in person, yet, though!)

Jon Glover said...

yay! i have always secretly hated the square bottom bottles. they look like they were dropped or something. I'm excited to see these. :)

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