Sunday, March 6, 2011

clean sweeps

+ People! I know many of you who read this blog! And I know you are not doing your method lust duty! Shame, shame, on you! Don't make me plead and beg, please! Or, ok, I will, if you want! On my knees! Whatever it will take for you to snatch up a mere ten seconds of your day and go here! It's the "official bring back method aircare" petition! And I need YOUR help with this! I want as many signatures as I can get on this sucker! Do it for me! Or your dog, or your mother, or your favorite tv show, or for Oreos! But purty please, just do it. So simple, so quick. Sign your name (with a "please give us aircare back, yo!") and you're done! Thank you from the very bottom of my big ole' heart! (But do it already! Don't make me come to your house! You know I will. And I know where you live. Oh yes, yes, I do. Don't test that, you might be surprised...)

+ Be on the lookout for select method all purpose spray cleaners which are sporting nifty .75 cents off coupons good for any method item of your choosing! Coupons are always a good thing! method coupons are like, doubley good! I'd even yell out a tripley good, but my therapist tells me I tend to over exaggerate. So let's all just keep it real, and stick with doubley, ok? Alright.

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