Thursday, March 17, 2011

new debuts!

Spring is just around the corner (March 20th!) and true to fashion, method has begun sneaking out some great new products for us! And we all lust new method products, right? Take a look at the first two photos which feature method's spankin' new bottle design! You can view the new clementine scented all-purpose spray bottle here!

Their all-purpose sprays have also been reformulated with something they are calling powergreen technology, which helps the cleaners work even harder at naturally tackling stains and messes! And the glass cleaner is now a glass and surface cleaner. So you can use it all over your house, it's not just for glass anymore! (Mint scent everywhere? As the Kool-Aid man would say, Oh Yeah!)

Next up is a nifty new scent for their antibac line (oddly enough still in their old bottle design.) The new scent, which will be added to the lemon verbena kitchen line, is orange zest!

And finally, we have a-freakin-dorable new kids hand washes shaped like Mickey and Minnie Mouse heads (with official Disney logos on the bottle!) These will be available in lemonade and strawberry fizz scents! I'm not sure if these are Disney park products, or if they'll show up in stores; but they are available on method's online shop right this very minute (along with everything else I've mentioned here!)

And this is just the beginning, because in just a couple of weeks (mid-April) we'll also be seeing four, yes four, new limited edition hand wash scents hitting shelves (including lemon mint! Yes, you heard me right! And I've already announced another of the scents in a recent post here on method lust, so if you're a good little reader, you already know two of the four!) And speaking of limited edition scents, I noticed recently (this obviously passed me by) that their waterfall scent is now permanent (no more limited edition wording on the bottle!) Mandarin mango and waterfall are here to stay, while violet bloom and red currant are currantly currently still limited editions.

Are you excited for these new products? What will you snap up? (Cause it's all about the snap!)


Sprockets said...

Lots of new stuff, yay! Love the new packaging.

I thought you had said earlier that red currant had graduated from limited edition to the permanent line. I hope it does, it is a killer scent!! As is mandarin mango. I think waterfall is totally gross... so overpowering, perfumey and artificial.

Jason said...


I might need next to everything.

Logan said...

OMG Method and Disney. My two favorite companies. Hand in hand to my hand. Made my night and matches my bathroom. I am so excited.

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