Thursday, June 11, 2009

dilutable danny

Danny Seo has a new post up over on his blog, Daily Danny, praising method's wonderful new dilutable cleaner!

"Lately I’ve been obsessed—of all things—Kool-Aid. Yes, the sugary powdered drink you just add water to make pitchers and pitchers of fruity punch. And why not? It’s Summer and it’s something I remember growing up drinking but haven’t had in least 20 years. So, cheers to Kool-Aid and my red-stained lips and tongue.

So, it’s no surprise that I’m equally as enthusiastic for Method’s new Dilutable Cleaner, a super-concentrated all-purpose cleaner that you—wait for it—just add water to to clean all over the house. With thousands of square feet of floors in my house—faux bois stamped ceramic, recycled wood floors, hand poured stone—-I need a big bucket and a handy mop once in a while to clean-up all the built up dirt and debris that has collected. This sounds like the perfect eco solution to use on a rainy day when I’m stuck inside with nothing to but clean and enjoy a cool glass of Kool-Aid. Spiked. But with organic vodka."


Yay! You know, I find this product interesting. method used to carry another similar dilutable product (since most people seem to be using this for floor care), and it came in a big bottle scented in french lavender and rosemary mint. I still have a couple bottles! Then they discontinued that item, and brought out the prediluted version for wood and all-surface floor care. And now the dilutable is back (sorta!)

Honestly, I'm a tad too lazy for the whole bucket and omop thing. That's why I lust me some squeeze and go. AND I think I've found a solution to my bucket problem (if I haven't, let's all just pretend I have, and keep me happy and oblivious, ok?) I take an old lemon ginger "all-floor-one" bottle that I've used up, and I wash it out; then I refill it with half dilutable cleaner, half water. Are those the exact measures? Eh, I'm not sure. But hey, it works for me. Then I have the ease of a squeeze and go bottle, and the inexpensive price of a dilutable cleaner! Win, win!

Ok... maybe I'll go read those exact measurements now... Oh bottle? Where are you bottle? There you are, my little bottle! Ohh, who's so limey and green! Oh yes, you are! Yes yes, you are. You little limey green thing you!


kaoticorchid said...

I used a lesser amount of the dilutable cleaner, since I wasn't making a bucket with a gallon and a half of water and have been putting it in an empty spray bottle from some of the other method cleaner! I just peeled off the label and wrote with marker what was in it. Now I have a spray bottle that kind of squirts the way that people seem to like with the swiffer wet-jets.

Rebecca said...

ah Rosemary Mint... how I miss the way you used to make my floors smell like an Aveda hair salon... boo hoo I wish they'd bring that back!

Looking forward to emptying out an omop bottle to use this new product though!

stephanie j. said...

Nice oMop bottle tip.

I just picked up a bottle of dilutable last week, but have promised myself not to crack it open until I use up what I have already.

Unfortunately, after 5 misses with my beloved oMop handles breaking (and fixes from Method) I gave up. BUT...I did find a new removable pad mop that is a reasonable facsimile made by Casabella. The Method pads roughly fit it, too! It has a reservoir in the handle, and you pump water out of it.

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