Thursday, June 4, 2009

one more for the road

You didn't actually think I was finished, did you? Oh no. My intention is to become a bigger internet sensation than Susan Boyle! So let the backlash begin! (Because with internet sensation, is always fan backlash! We have such a short love/hate time frame nowadays, you know? I think everyone is secretly A.D.D. Let's just blame it all on MTV, ok? "MTV, what's that?" "I know, I know...")

Honestly, I was thinking against posting this. Me + video = scariness. Seriously. I hate photos of me, so don't even get me started on video. And I am the worst when a question is thrown at me on the spot. Oh trust me, you'll agree once you see me answer these questions! Ha ha! But alas, I decided to post it anyway. So enjoy the train wreck, ok? And experience my big method post first hand!

1 comment:

Sam said...

YAY! That's about 3 of your 15 minutes.. Well done!

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