Monday, June 15, 2009

method spree winner

One more, ok? Just one more! In case you were simply too lazy to click on this link, I'm posting the article right here on method lust for you! Enjoy! (Unless you're just plain sick of the whole thing, then move on. Simply move on. No hurt feelings here, ma'am. Sir.)

By the way, the winner of the method spree contest was recently announced! Michael Sileno of Greensboro, NC won the contest, and method shipped him EVERYTHING I snatched up on my shopping spree! So cool! He was really excited, saying "Thanks! I got the stuff yesterday and it's all amazing. I really appreciate it all!" That had to be SOME shipping charge, let me tell you! Enjoy!


"Green cleaning company rewards local fan with shopping spree | By Morgan Josey Glover

Method Products Inc. has thousands of fans throughout the country and Danny Seo figured Greensboro resident Nathan Aaron had to be the biggest.

“We decided to surprise him and meet with him,” said Seo, a national environmental lifestyle expert who helps promote the San Francisco company’s non-toxic household products. “Rarely do you find someone who is such a fan of green cleaning products that it becomes an obsession.”

Seo made a pit stop in Greensboro on Thursday to take Aaron on a shopping spree. His rule: Aaron could take home as many method® products that he could carry by himself.

Aaron started on the path toward an environmentally-friendly lifestyle after stumbling upon method® products several years ago. He fell in love with a blue bottle of mint-scented dishwashing liquid and its triangular shape.

“I think the design and all pushed me to go green,” said Aaron, a graphic artist and self-described mint addict. “I’m not sure I would have gone green without method® products being out there.”

Aaron started a blog in 2008 called “method lust,” where he writes everything one could ever want to know about the 9-year-old company. He racked up more than 600 posts last year -- an average 1.5 posts per day -- and features profiles of method® employees he interviewed, and listings of product scents, from citrus cilantro to ginger yuzu.

Aaron has made other lifestyle changes, including giving up paper towels and plastic shopping bags. He’s mulling whether to switch his Mercury Mountaineer to a more fuel-efficient vehicle, but said he’s not ready to start backyard composting.

Aaron admits his method® fixation, though, is a little scary. He has cabinets full of the company’s old product lines and he purchased a lemongrass-scented air freshener refill two hours before his shopping spree at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store on Battleground Avenue.

Once there, he loaded up on $173 worth of products, piled high in his arms and hanging from his fingers and belt loops. A big enough stash to feed his green cleaning appetite for months to come."

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