Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more me

Trust me, ok. I'm so not this vain! I know by now you're all just so tired of hearing about ME and my VISIT with METHOD! (Did I mention lately I was was visited by method?! No, well, let me just tell you!...) I mean, sometimes even I get sick of myself. I'll wake up and walk into the bathroom, look into the mirror and be all "You?! Again! Word, can't you just leave me alone for one minute! I don't need a shadow! Well, I do, or if I didn't, that might mean I was dead, and that would really suck, cause I'm like phobia style scared of death; but still, just give me some space, ok! It's not you, it's me. No, actually, it is you!" and then I'll pause, and remember what my therapist said about self love (no not that kind of self love!) and I'll stick post-it notes on the mirror that say things like "I heart you" and "you're great" and "let's be best friends" and "Is that a new shirt? It looks snazzy on you!" and stop being all mean to myself. At least until the steam from the showers finally causes the post-it notes to fall from the mirror, then the vicious cycle starts all over...

Y'ok! Well, but listen. I just had to let you know, Danny Seo (method's Healthy Home 'co-conspirator'! Oh, you already knew that, now didn't you) wrote up a short and sweet post on his recent trip to ole' North Carolina (and his visit with me! Hey, did I tell you about that?) But hey, forget about me for a moment (how is that even possible? I know, I know...) but he goes on to mention the Lowe's Hardware corporate headquarters, and how amazing they are. And yes...

...they are amazing! Hey, who'd like to go sell lumber with me? Man, this place is beautiful! And a cafeteria with organic/vegetarian/etc. food options, and wow!

Check out the complete post (with more Lowe's pics!) over on Daily Danny!


Rebecca Welch said...

Go you!!!


Nate said...

Sweet! That is so fun!

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