Thursday, June 25, 2009

boost it!

method's own people against dirty blog has a great laundry tip! (And therefore, I thought I'd share it! Yay!)

"Looking for a whitening boost for your laundry? One of the cool tricks that one of our people against dirty discovered is an alternate use for Smarty Dish, our phosphate and bleach-free dishwasher detergent – a laundry booster! We thought it was a cool idea and decided to try it out ourselves. Indeed, it whitened our whites…..

+ 1. Throw a Smarty Dish tablet (can be either Go Naked or Pink Grapefruit) into the drum of your washer (even in an HE machine), then add your method laundry detergent as you would normally.

+ 2. Make sure to only do this with warm or hot water wash cycles. The tablet won’t dissolve completely in cold water.

+ 3. Use 1 for a regular load, 2 for a big or nasty load, or remedial whites.

+ 4. Run your washer as you would normally and dry as you normally do, too. Perhaps give line drying a try, as it uses nature’s energy to dry your clothes!

Smarty Dish is safe for colors, too. It also boosts performance on food and outdoorsy stains (grass & dirt).

Let us know how this works by emailing"

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josh said...

Wow, genius! I would've never thought to try this.

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