Thursday, October 15, 2009

holiday is really real here?!

method lust reader Tracy says in her email to me she practically ran home to tell me the big news! (Which is so sweet of her! Thanks Tracy!) While roaming the aisles of her local metro Atlanta Target last night, she actually stumbled upon a brand spankin' new holiday sparklin' method endcap chock full of holiday candles in frosted bowls and hand soap! In all the 2009 (2007) holiday scents: cinnamon bark, hollyberry, and peppermint vanilla!

Looks like this might just be a case of one Target store getting a bit prematurely excited; but it is supposed to hit at the end of October/early November! So if you happen to see holiday method hit your Target stores (or any stores for that matter, as I believe that hand wash is available to all stores, while the candles are a Target exclusive. Yeah, I could go back and re-read my previous post, but I'm sorta lazy tonight!) drop me an email or leave a comment and let method lust know what you found!

(Karin, you're just going to love this! Ha ha!)


Michelle said...

Hollyberry?! For reals???

Aaaah...I can't stand it! OK, I gotta make my way to MY Target to investigate.

Jason said...

Gonna have to head over to Target this week! I want to check out that Peppermint Vanilla!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I LOVE the peppermint vanilla, can't wait to pick some up this holiday season.

Jason said...

Finally got to Target today and found an endcap with all the holiday Method goodies! I only picked up the Peppermint Vanilla handsoap this time. I have a feeling I'll be headed back later this week! LOL

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