Wednesday, October 14, 2009

method quickies

Some quickies here! (Mind. out. of. the. gutter, people.)

+ No, nathan (oh wait, that's me, so perhaps I shouldn't speak in third person to you, like I did the other day to the woman at the Panda Express restaurant. Yeah, I'm thinking when the person in front of you (oh, that'd be me in the role of "person in front of you") says "And I should probably stop speaking to you in third person." You more than likely smile politely (as she did), while reaching for the red panic button underneath the counter in order to silently notify the police, hoping that Sybil doesn't appear. But hey, what can I say? I like to shake things up! And so do I! Ha ha! Get it, get it, oh, just don't get it. It's better that way.) Anywho, no I haven't left you, dear readers! Life has once more taken ahold of me, shaken me left, right, up and down, and otherwise kept me from frolicking in the land of blogging, cause I just haven't had the time! But never fear, I'm still here!

+ Winners of the advocacy kit contest, and the u review contest are: (Drumroll please...) Brandon Makrides and Kirby! Congrats! Kirby has been really lucky here, as she also won the previous mandarin mango hand wash contest! (And all winners are chosen at random, unless othewise specified; so I'm not playing favorites here! Ha ha!) AND poor Kirby (if you're reading this) has still not even received her hand wash, cause I'm a slacker! (I'm HORRIBLE at sending out contest winner packages! Mind you, you WILL get them, as everyone who's won a contest on method lust will attest to; it JUST might take a bit to get it out to you. I'm working on that! Ok? Less slack, more attack!)

+ The method lust Q+A is now closed, and I'll be sending off your selected questions to the method team very soon! Look for answers to be posted in an upcoming well, post!

+ method lust reader Jamison wanted me to let everyone know he found a slew of method candles (but he hasn't told me where, hmm...) in all sorts of scents! So if there is something you're looking for, he can probably get it for you! Just drop him a comment in this post if you're looking for a candle scent, and want him to pick it up and send it to you, if he finds it; and he'll get back with you! He also wanted me to tell you he has Paypal, so it'll be easy, too!

+ method luster Jean is SO freakin' sweet to me! She has (get this) a small amount of bamboo (oh yes, bam- oh my word -boo!) multi-surface spray cleaner which she has been hording forever, cause she loves the scent so much! Bamboo was one of the very first fragrances method put out in their spray cleaner line, way back when! And she so nicely sent me an email, wanting to see if I'd like a small spray bottle worth to try out, since it's one of my three remaining Holy Grail method scents I've never tried (pumpkin spice and coral being the other two.) She just let me know it's in the mail, and I can't wait! Yes, I'm insane like that. Giant thanks, Jean! Giant! I'm giddy!


Karin said...

To be honest, the method pumpkin spice candle smells a lot like the Bath and Body Works pumpkin spice candle they have right now. I still have about half of my method pumpkin spice candle left and I have one from B&BW too...and they are very close in smell. It is a nice fall scent. :)

Brandon Makrides said...

Hey Nathan,

How do I get in contact with you to give you an address and stuff?

Nathan Aaron said...

Brandon, just send me an email to: artist (at) Thanks!

Karin, I didn't even know they'd MADE a pumpkin spice method candle!? Dang! I knew about the hand wash (which I THOUGHT was a Costco exclusive?? Not sure.) Did you purchase anything else in this scent?

kirby said...

Wow! Yay! So many goodies! Thank you! And I went into slight panic mode when methodlust disappeared for a while. Glad to see it back! And not just 'cause I'm winning stuff. ;)

I had picked up a bunch of pumpkin spice hand wash way back when--it was at Big Lots. Didn't really care for it. It wasn't very pumpkiny or spicy. To me, it smelled like a vinyl shower curtain or new rubber boots. I think I ended up using it as dish soap just to get rid of it.

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