Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it all adds up!

As much as I preach, beg, and scream about using reusable bags whenever you go shopping, to the grocery store, anywhere you might be subjected to the "paper or plastic (or SHUDDER, just plastic!)" question; it hasn't been the easiest thing to get people to convert. I mean, what do THEY get out of this deal? Saving the planet, ending global warming, helping Mother Nature? Bah! Who's got time for that! Show me the money!

And so, places are starting to do just that! Ok, so you won't get rich from it, but hey it's a start! And Target has joined the bandwagon! Starting recently, every time you use your reusable bag/tote, they'll take off five cents from your total purchase! I know, I know, five cents?!? Come on! But I'll bet you it's the cost of that plastic bag you're about to walk out with. So it's sorta a little bonus, you know? You save them five cents, and they give it to you! AND, just imagine, if you're as much of a Target shopaholic as I am; and you start counting up just how many times you head off to Target, adding that up over a year, the five cents could turn into something more substantial! A new house? Eh, no! But who knows!

Right now it's hit or miss, I was officially told it's their new policy, but I've had some cashiers do it, others not so much. I think it's like the reusable tote thing in general, at first you have to beat it over their heads every time you bring one with you. "NO! Take that out of the plastic bag! I have a reusable tote!" and after a while, you have them trained, and they're just standing there holding your items, waiting on you to open that magical bag of wonderment for them to fill full; to which you can then go home, unload, fold up, and prep it for the next trip! And the next, and the next, and... so right now, if they don't make mention of it, bring it up to them! "Oh, did you give me my Target reusable bag discount?" It NEVER hurts to ask!

Well, it might if you don't. You might be five cents poorer. So next time, give it a try! (Oh, and if you aren't already, USE reusable bags! method has some wonderful plastic rehab bags; and I'll be a total salesman and let you know my favorites are Baggu bags! They come in a zillion colors, are strong, and just rock (and now they even come in canvas!) So you have no excuses! None, nada, zip, zilch! (That'd be a big zero, good buddy!)


anna said...

ohhh i love those bags! i need me one.

Karin said...

nate, i know you *heart* your baggu bags...and i do like them too, but i have to say i now *heart* flip & tumble bags. i'll tell you why i like them better...because they flip into a tiny ball and they can be carried easily over the shoulder...AND you can get them at the container store! i'm telling you, they converted me from baggu.

check them out:

Nathan Aaron said...


As long as people are using reusable totes, period, I'm happy! No matter who makes them! Ha ha! I think it's the anal retentiveness in me, I like my nice little squares. And the Baggu's are so easy to fold, and put into their pouch.

But bunched ball people should have their day, too! Enjoy! I'll have to do a post one day on everyone's favorite reusable tote! Hmm, idea!

kirby said...

I love this one but admittedly when I go to the store I do carry it with the illustration against me so that the easily offended can't see it. :)

Jamison said...

At first I had to ask for my bad discount. Now Target Team Members are starting to catch on, and they even are excited when I bring my own bags. Imagine if everyone brought their own bags just on Black Friday how many bags could be saved.

Nathan, maybe that should be one of your posts. I declare a challenge: Green Friday. Bring your own bags when you shop for the day after Thanksgiving.

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