Wednesday, October 14, 2009

method eco-maniacs play farmer

Great post over on method's people against dirty blog about eco-volunteering!

"our eco-maniacs* team was at it again a few weeks ago with a volunteer trip to Slide Ranch to help clear some land and learn about sustainable farming. Slide Ranch offers visitors hands-on learning about the impact our choices have on food, health, and the environment, through activities and independent exploration of the farm and coastal wild lands. not only is the ranch educational, but it is beautiful!!!"

And get this, I love it (and wish my company was this forward thinking!)

"*method gives each method employee 3 days per year to spend volunteering in our community. we can use them either for company volunteer events or for personal volunteer projects."

How rockin' is that?! Head on over to their blog for more pics, and the rest of the post! Oh, and check out the first pic above, method's Grassroots Guru Anna is sitting next to a bottle of method hand sanitizer! Too funny! (And isn't this the perfect realization that they need to make this in a more portable size?)

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