Monday, October 26, 2009

think big!

the big (96 ounce!) bottle is back! You can now find method's ginormous hand wash refill bottles at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond! It comes in two scents: sea minerals and sweet water (what, no lavender?! What in the world, method...) So go and grab up a few bottles! And then, when you're all finished, you can make yourself your very own method fish tank! So cute! (But uh, how do you change the water? Hmm!)


josh said...

I haven't perused my local BB&B yet but was wondering if anyone knew where in the store these guys are located. I hate the setup of that place and don't want to be harassed by employees (the ones at my location never let me shop in peace!) when looking around for it hahaha.

Nathan Aaron said...

I have no clue Josh! I was looking for it too, but no luck. But my stores seem lacking on carrying method supplies. They still don't have the citrus cilantro cleaner, only the granite and stainless steel.

lunettes said...

I found them in my local one near the other cleaners - it's past the kitchen section but before the bedding, if that helps. It's really prominent on the aisle display facing the main walkway. (They're way more expensive than at Costco where they used to be - $7 at costco versus around $12 for the BB&B version. Just use a coupon!)

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