Sunday, October 25, 2009

method lust is back!

This. Was. Me. - All last week! What happened to method lust? Did you wrap it up, Nathan? Were you over and out? Finished? Mopped up (using the ever snazzy omop, mind you!) No! It's called "welcome to the wonderful land of domain name transfer!" It's too confusing to even discuss, but it has to do with the address, and me deciding to move it to a new provider, and OH MY WORD was that a bad idea! So all last week method lust was gone. MIA. History!

Thanks to everyone who contacted me asking where their (hopefully!) favorite blog (well, ok, favorite method blog! Cause really, my ego isn't that big. Trust me.) was! Cause baby, we're back now! And while today I've got to run into work all day long (yeah, don't ask about that either. It's Sunday, right? Yes, yes, it is.) I've got some great Halloween posts I've been dying to get up on here! (Oh and one about disposable razors, too!) So hold on, updates are coming! Your overabundance of exclamation points, commas and squeaky green cleanliness has returned!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I missed much that I'm doing the happy dance of doom over here with exclamation points!



Karin said...

phew...i was starting to get worried...but i figured it was some kind of technical issue, so i'm glad i put off calling the rescue squad! glad you're back! :)

josh said...

hahaha I was freakin out all week with no methodlust to reed! what a feeling of relief to see it back.

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