Monday, October 5, 2009

lovin' the lavender

method's french lavender (and pretty much all of their lavender scents) are some of my favorites! The lavender hand wash, the dish soap, multi-surface spray cleaner; lavender + juniper dryer sheets (may you rest in peace! I've currently got nine packages of these in my method vault! Nine! Crazy!), and the lavender + lemongrass aircare! Lavender, lavender, lavender! And believe it or not, there was a time I didn't like the smell of lavender at all; until a friend of mine got me to plant my very own lavender bush, and I've lusted it ever since!

What's all this lavender talk about, you ask? Well, I went walking into my local Target this weekend, and noticed the lavender dish soap was on clearance! I dropped to my knees, wailing and releasing horrifying words that shall not be repeated in the presence of small children, kittens, or the faint hearted elderly; and cursed the very idea that, could method really, truly be discontinuing the lavender dish soap?! What would I do? First mint, now this?! (Cause seriously, pink grapefruit and cucumber. Gah. That's all I have to say on that subject.)

So I ran home, forgetting that I'd driven to Target, quick as I could in order to contact method and see what exactly was going on. In the meantime, noticing that two other Targets had already cleared out their lavender dish soap. It was gone, empty, only the ghostly space remaining where once stood many a happy lavender dish soap bottle.

And then I got my answer. Apparently pink grapefruit and cucumber are Target's top two method dish soap sellers (let me rinse and repeat, gah?! Seriously?) so they're abandoning the lavender (probably in order to make more room for Downy dryer sheets or Tide laundry detergent; cause well you know, there just ISN'T enough of those products sitting on Target's shelves. Word!) So from now on, it looks like our best bet for lavender dish soap (which PS. is NOT being discontinued!) will be Lowes Hardware!

I am now breathing a grand sigh of relief. And dreaming of my hands frolicking in method lavender dish soap bubbles floating in the sink. Cause, well, those are just the kind of whacked out dreams I have, ok?


Anonymous said...

i work at the bed bath and beyond in san francisco, and we sell a lot of lavender.. it's not going away any time soon.

raded6 said...

Target seems to be getting rid of most of their "green" products and a lot of their design lines (don't even mention the state of the men's dept). They are trying to be more like Walmart. Notice all the new generic Target brands hitting the shelves recently? Bad idea. Just when the green thing is really taking off. They say they are trying to show that Target isn't an expensive store. I say they are alienating their customer base. I have almost no reason to shop their anymore.

Nathan Aaron said...

Well, I sorta agree. As for the generic Target brands, they've had them forever; just as Target brand. Now they've just changed the name to Up & Up, to appeal to a wider customer base, I'm guessing. As for the men's dept. I SO agree! What happened to all the trendy cool men's clothes they used to have? I seriously get tired of the "women love to shop for clothes, but men will take whatever you give them" just cause it's lame. Women will get row after row of clothing, while we get stuck with sweat pants or ripped blue jeans. COME on. Rant over. :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to love Target to aisles-same bs repeated and they aren't carrying Dr Bronners or diddly squat in method.

I'm not driving across town for that.

Anonymous said... has packs of 6 bottles for $23.00. If you sign up for the subscription it drops to $20.00. I just get a pack of 6 shipped every 6 months. I buy a lot of books from them too so I have a prime membership. It gets me free 2 day shipping.

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