Monday, February 1, 2010

clean sweeps

A couple of bippity-bops!

UPDATE Bought it! Lovin' the coconut cream + honey fragrance! And I can definitely tell they've upped the moisturizing properties in the hand wash. It's silky now! Give it a try!


Stumbled upon the new moisturizing hand wash today! Believe it or not I didn't pick any up. I'm totally planning on doing so, I just remembered I had a $1 off coupon laying around at home and so I'm holding off until I grab that! I think both scents are pretty wonderous! The coconut cream + honey smells like, well, coconut! And the cucumber + aloe smells really fresh and slightly green (perhaps even a bit floral to me, but just a touch.) Still no sign of the waterfall gel hand wash scent, though I am hearing from other method lusters that they've found it on Target's shelves! Reader Aaron says "It's a bit more "watery" smelling than the sea minerals, which I think is a bit more powdery (without being feminine)." Hmm...

+ Picked up the last three remaining lavender + lemongrass aroma pill refill packs in my area. Almost all the Targets around me are OUT of them, so while the purchase was painful ($20! - that first tier clearance price of 15% Target does is laughable) I didn't want to miss out on what MIGHT be my last chance! Sigh... (keeping fingers crossed.)

+ According to method, their new laundry detergent will hit Target stores by February 14th!

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