Friday, August 14, 2009

holiday surprise

Wow! Folks, listen up! Make sure to head on over to ebay right now (cause you know what they say; the early bird gets the worm! Now usually that's why I never get a worm, because as Prince would say early + Nathan does not compute. Well, minus the early + Nathan, addition in a something in the water. Ok? All is understood now. Right, I didn't think so.)

There appears to be a limited number of drum roll... mistletoe and snowy days hand washes available! No freakin' way! Now, I have some snowy days lotion, and a candle still at home (and at the prices they're asking, I really just can't afford to splurge on both! Though I really, really want to! Oh uh, hey, see that Paypal donation button to your right? Yeah, that one... wanna buy Nathan some snowy days hand wash? Ha ha!) Anyway, I've already snatched up a mistletoe, cause I've NEVER smelled this scent! I'm so excited! This happens to be some really old school method, lusters!

+ method snowy days hand wash - $3.50 (Buy It Now Price) + $4.95 shipping - Six bottles remaining! This is a very clean, crisp holiday scent. Sorta in a sweet water style, but uh, different!

+ method mistletoe hand wash - $3.50 (Buy It Now Price) + $4.95 shipping - Eight bottles remaining! I don't know what this smell like, cause I've never even seen it before! Oh, feeling giddy! I'm betting it sorta like frosted fir, or hollyberry.


Let me know if you buy some, and what you think when you get it!


Rhonda said...

I wonder- the Salvation Army had a ton of the three packs of the holiday scents- Thus seller must have
un-packaged them for ebay sales.. I like snowy days.. the pack had hollyberry too.
The packages say 2005

Nathan Aaron said...

WHA?!? Rhonda, when was this! Wow, that's too cool. I hadn't heard of this, and I was just about to go to my Salvation Army today, and then thought... eh, nah. Darn! I take it they were the hand wash/lotion/candle packages. Yeah, those are definitely old school. Isn't it mad crazy that these things just sit for years somewhere, and then one day they make it to stores... I find that so weird!

Rhonda said...

You know.. they had the packs about two months ago. They had a pack with the three hand washes.. and then one with a lotion too. The salvation army I saw them at was about 35 miles north of Chicago- it was weird.. tons of them. I hung on to my handwash/lotion metal holder they put out that year.. was cool because I have method lotion again! I was thinking maybe they did packaging at a place nearby.. there are a lot of plastic packaging places in that area?

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