Friday, August 7, 2009

new morning routine?

Giggle, giggle! Ok, I just have to share this adorable PSA (or is that Pee-SA? Yeah, I can't take credit for that, either, it was mentioned in the article! LOL) that method just twittered about on their method tweet (which you can also read here on method lust! Just scroll down, a bit further, keep going, to your right... there!)

It's all about.... drum roll, peeing in your shower to save water! The article, which comes to us from mother nature network (, says:

"No matter how long we stay in or what kind of showerhead we use, we all have unique shower routines and rituals, some more complex than others. The Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Altantica, via a cute, kid-oriented TV ad campaign called "Xixi no Banho," suggests that citizens add one more task to their soaping-up, shampooing, conditioning and shaving routines — peeing.

The group believes that by adding a yellow stream to the morning's shower, one toilet flush can be prevented. If one flush is avoided each day in a single household, 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water is saved per year.

As you'll see in the below, um, "PeeSA," Gandhi, Michael Jordan and Alfred Hitchcock are portrayed emptying their bladders while rinsing off. Now if that's not inspiration for young Brazilians to tinkle in the tub, I don't know what is.
- Matt Hickman"


So, uh, what do you think? Of course I know most of your first reactions are going to be "eww! Gross!" But then maybe take a step back, and think it through. As a couple commenters on the said say:

"Urine from healthy people is sterile!" and "You Americans are really funny. I don't see what the big deal is. I always peed in the shower. Eating McDonald's hamburgers is way more disgusting." (And they're probably right, especially after you watch Food, Inc. Gah.) and, get THIS! "Actually... your pee contains urea which is an ingredient that is found in OTC fungal treatments. Yet, pee alone won't cure athletes foot." along with "Urea is also found in many lotions. It keeps your skin nice and hydrated. Portuguese urine used to be highly desirable back in the day before commercial lotions were available. It was also used as a tooth whitening agent!"

Wow, who knew, right? And did we want to know? Ok, so I bet no one will admit they do this even if they do, but imagine if everyone followed through, and each person saved 1,157 gallons of water a year. Yeah, that would add up quick! Thoughts? Will these be part of your new morning routine? (No one is going to comment on this post, I just know it! - Be brave!)

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Ej said...

Just to prove you wrong I will comment on this post -lol!

Doesn't everyone pee in the shower???

Although not a good idea if you are in the shower with someone else ;)

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