Wednesday, August 19, 2009

vroom vroom!

Ya know, I have some news. I just got a new car! Like, just just! Last Tuesday, to be exact. 2010 Kia Forte! And yes, I still lust telling everyone "I have a car that isn't even out yet!" Cause you know, it's a 2010, and it's only 2009, and so see... ah alright, never mind.

This happens to be the first car I've ever purchased all by myself. So while I've gained eight ulcers, I'm excited! (And now perpetually in fear of losing my job! I think that happens anytime you get a new car, house, something big. All the sudden you're not able to sleep nights cause you're trying to figure out how you'll live in your car if you lose your job; and the fact that the bank will now TAKE your car cause it's new and you're paying on it; and you will in fact NOT be able to even live in your car! Whew, just breathe, just breathe.)

Where are you going Nathan? Here! So I whipped out my old school (secret method brand) vroom car care products this past weekend. Now my trusty, but also dirty old truck didn't get cleaned that often; but now I'm wanting to make sure Mr. New stays spotless. And what a better way to do this than taking the vroom all purpose car spray cleaner, and giving it a spot cleaning! I lust it! (I'm sure many car cleaners come in spray nozzle form for just this reason. But honestly, I have no idea, as I've never really shopped for these products.) So while I still really wish method would rethink their car care brand (it rocked! Add some tried and true method scents to the cleaning line (as the actual cleaners were scent free for some reason) and I just know you'll have a hit!

Until that time though, you can pick up your very own old school vroom car cleaning kit on ebay! So snatch it up (before that other method advocate does! You know you want to beat them to the punch! Then you can drive your nice shiny car past their house one day and gloat. Oh, uh, not that I'd ever do a thing like that, no sir'ree! Nah. No way.)

+ vroom (method) car wash kit - $19.99 (Buy It Now Price) + $12.49 shipping - This kit comes with one 25 FL. OZ. car wash concentrate, one 16 FL. OZ. spray bottle of protectant, 25 Count All Purpose Wipes and one Microfiber Wash Mitt.


josh said...

you keep saying "were" when talking about vroom. was it discontinued? i thought i read that it was on here or somewhere, and yet i still see vroom stuff at the targets here all the time! or maybe i just dreamt it all up—who knows.

Nathan Aaron said...

Some background:

"Target, Method's largest customer, signaled its belief in the brand when it approached the company to develop a new category. That was the "catalyst" to launch Vroom.

The automotive merchandisers at Target saw that existing products did not engage the store's target customer, method CEO Dorward said. Target approached Method to devise something to appeal to soccer moms instead of hardcore car enthusiasts. It took Method three months to go from idea to a packaged product.

"When you have a major retailer give you the support this launch (of Vroom) will have, it gives you confidence to put capital investment into a new brand," said Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method with Adam Lowry. He said Target saw only the Vroom concept and signed on for "endcap displays," the coveted real estate at the end of a shopping aisle. Vroom was fully funded by Method; Target provided no financial support.

For 2005, Vroom would be exclusive to Target. In 2006 the brand, which already had some 40 products, was to be available to all Method customers."

Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, after the initial sales period they'd agreed to was up, method discontinued THEIR vroom line, and apparently sold the name/branding rights to Target (or maybe Target owned them from the very beginning?) Target has since then continued the line, but it has no connection to method; and there are no more cleaners. It's only polishing cloths, sponges and the such. Sorry for the confusion! (It's all Targets fault, ok! There, blame diverted!)

Grace said...

Time to choose a name for your new car! That makes the "buying new" even more fun and personal!

Padhma said...

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