Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sunshine + cleaning = method!

Oh what a really great deal! method's just let the cat out of the bag on their people against dirty blog that if you purchase the Sunshine Cleaning DVD at Target starting Tuesday, August 25th, you can find a nifty booklet inside with $10 in method coupons! (PS - Don't put cats in bags! It's cruel and mean! Hmm, I wonder how that phrase ever got started? I probably don't want to know...)

"we’ve teamed up again with our friends behind the adorably dark movie sunshine cleaning, starring amy adams, emily blunt and the uber-talented alan arkin. if you missed it in theaters, hightail it over to target starting tuesday, august 25, where you can purchase the movie on dvd or blu-ray.

the film is great, and the best part, in my humble opinion, is what’s inside the box: a method coupon booklet with $10 in discounts on Method products from target. don’t you love target? it’s my happy place. grab sunshine cleaning for movie night, crack that dvd box open to get the coupon book, stock up on your favorite method goodies, then swing by the snack aisle for popcorn. mmm, popcorn."

Make sure to head on over to their blog, and read not only what the movie is about, but view some cool shots of the red carpet premiere, complete with method goodie bags! (Ooh!)

I'm curious if these coupons are product specific, or just generic "save this much off a method product" type discounts. If anyone picks this up, let method lust know! Thanks!


Grace said...

Here's some interesting background info on "let the cat out of the bag" for anyone that's curious :)

Rhonda said...

Hey- Here is the coupon list. There are 9 coupons all item specific.
$1.50 OFF Smarty Dish, & Mop and Squirt, $ 1.00 OFF : Hand wash, dilutable cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, tub-n-tile, specialty spray or wipe, Daily Shower, All surface wipes.

The movie is $16.99 this week on sale- so the 10 bucks in coupons is a good deal- its a cute movie.
Also you can score if you wait to use the coupons when Target puts Method on sale.

kirby said...

I had been wanting to see this anyway. Looks like a Target run is in order!

For what it's worth, my cat loves bags of any variety.

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