Thursday, August 13, 2009

lil' more speculation!

Looks like Target has moved the method aircare aroma rings and candles off their designated shelves, and onto the clearance end caps (the ends of the aisles where they always put the clearance/discontinued stuff. I know them so well.) LOL At least they've done this at my Target, so I'm sure yours will happen soon, if not yet.

I'll be curious to see what happens next. The rest of the aircare line is still on the shelves; I guess we'll have to see if it gets consolidated, or if the clearance items are replaced with something new; or if they're discontinuing the line in sections. OH the world of speculation!


In other sorta but not really related news, I got a new car two days ago! Yay! (Uh, first time I've ever bought a new car. I think I've gained like, eight ulcers. Gah!) But I believe I must be about one of the only people in the world that really dislikes "new car scent." I mean, people buy things to MAKE their car smell like this?! Wha? And as we know, it's mostly just off gassing and other horrid things occurring in your car that are really bad for you. So I needed a scent enhancer! Cue the aroma ring (and for the record, I'm pretty anti-aroma ring. The rooms in my duplex are just too big for them to work properly for me.) Ages ago fellow advocates had a great idea to place aroma ring refills in your car, to get that wonderful scent! I did this with lavender lemongrass, and WHEW! It was way too strong. That had to go!

But this time around I'm trying out some eucalyptus mint, and you know what, it's working. It actually sorta mingles "well" with the new car smell, while giving it this burst of minty freshness! I like it a lot! So now my new goal is to run around to Big Lots and purchase all those eucalyptus mint aroma ring refills I've seen in there forever, but had no desire to buy at the time! And... go! Do you use an aroma ring refill in your car? What scent?


kirby said...

Yes! I use a Lavender Lemongrass aroma ring in my car--apparently the materials used in the production of Volvos are less harmful and icky than that of other cars so it doesn't have a funny chemical smell, but I have a tendency to do things like pack a lunch for work and then lose it under the passenger seat... So my car could still cause adverse health problems.

melanemac said...

We actually started using Bath & Body Works' ring. It clips to the visor. Down here in this Florida heat though the scent doesn't as long as it should. I used to love the item from The Body Shop. You plugged it into a cigarette lighter and it had these little pads in it that you put scented oils on (I have a TON of those for my oil burners). So every time you drove the car, you got scent. They are gone now though, I think :(

Karin said...

This is totally unrelated to this post...but my Whole Foods has the Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths on sale for $3.99. And I had a $1 off method product from the Whole Foods monthly I got them for $2.99...awesome! I'm excited to try the French Lavender!

Brit said...

I drive a VW Bug...and instead of the typical flower in the flower vase thing, I roll up an aroma ring refill. It makes my car smell nice and the children I work with love all the Method scents.

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