Friday, August 21, 2009

one man review - hand wash

Wow! It's been a while since our last one man review, hasn't it? Man, that Nathan is a no good lazy bleepity bleep! I swear... I'm gonna give him a real good talkin' to! Until then, though, why don't we just review ourselves some hand washes!

Today is a double dip one man review! Not one, but two hand wash scents! Whoa whoa, calm down there fellow luster! I know how excited you are, but really, chill out. Take a deep breath, grab some water, and see what I thought of both the new "guest star" mandarin mango, AND the old school vintage holiday mistletoe (I just got it yesterday in the mail! Yay!) hand wash!

+ The new mandarin mango method hand wash is out now in stores. It's labeled as a "guest star" meaning limited edition, so it won't be around for long! I picked up a bottle recently, and while not being a fan of fruit scents, I really like this one! As I've mentioned before, it sorta reminds me of orange Kool-aid. Is that a good or a bad thing, that's up to you! There is definitely a mandarin/orange top note; with the underlying mango coming in near the end - giving it a little extra burst of fruit freshness! I have to say I actually like this mandarin mango a whole lot more than method's ginger yuzu. Of course I like orange scents, so it's just a personal preference. The mandarin mango hand wash is available in gel wash only, exclusively at Target stores. I'm giving it a 4 out of five!

+ Second up is the vintage method holiday mistletoe hand wash! This was recently discovered available on ebay, and while you end up paying a tad bit much for hand wash (due to the shipping fee) if you're a diehard method fan like me, you just HAVE to try out this scent! The back of the bottle actually lists it as having been released in 2005! This was one of the few scents that ACTUALLY made it out before I got into method (sacrilege!) so I simply had to snatch up a bottle! I got it in the mail yesterday, and was all giddy and giggly!

The bottle is this cute light holiday-ish green, and it has these little white ornaments printed on the front of the bottle (like all bottles in the early holiday lines.) I have to say the scent is really light! Now, I honestly can't say if this is because it's an older product, and the scent has waned over the years, or if this was how the product was produced. So for the sake of my review, I'm just going with this being the mistletoe scent. Honestly, it sorta reminds me of frosted fir mixed with cut grass (no joke!) and then have the whole scent taken down by 50%. Subtle, but nice! And seriously, if you're a cut grass aircare fan, you will REALLY like this. The more I smelled it on my hands after I had washed them, the more I thought it reminded me of the cut grass scent. It's green, grassy, with just the tiniest touch of sweet. I say give it a try, while you still can! The mistletoe hand wash is only available via ebay (as far as I know. Though method lust reader Rhonda let me know she found a bunch of holiday packs, some featuring mistletoe, recently at a Salvation Army in Chicago! So who knows where else you might find it. But this scent hasn't been produced to my knowledge, since 2005.) It's available in gel wash only (as they didn't even have foaming and creamy hand wash back then! Wow!)
I'm giving it a 3.5 out of five! I think it's a really nice scent, but method has since improved upon the idea with frosted fir.


Anonymous said...

Only clean freaks get excited about the scent of hand wash.

*rushes out to buy some*

Jamison said...

Maybe I am too OCD. I try to match the color of the hand-wash with my seasonal decor. I'm on an orange kick for summer, so the Mango looks nice in the bathroom. I am however ready for the winter scents and wonder what Method/Target will do since their candle line is gone?

josh said...

i bought the mandarin mango probably almost a week and a half or two weeks ago and can't get enough of it. its so sweet and delicious smelling.

one thing i have to say about it though is... i know i've smelled the EXACT same scent by some other brand. and i'm not saying it smells similar, i mean it smells 98-100% like something i've used before. i can't recall exactly what it was, but i'm pretty sure it was a Suave shampoo or body wash. or maybe it was even another type of handsoap (b&bw?) i have no idea. i just know as soon as i sniffed it in the store, i was like, "HEY I KNOW THIS!"

it's not a bad thing though. i loved the scent back when i knew it before. and i love it now. i'm kind of hoping it sticks around for a while. and maybe it will? everytime i hit up target (which is literally usually at least once a day) i notice the mango mandarin hand wash seems to be moving off the shelves quickly.

i'm truly thinking about snagging some mistletoe! (i'm a cut grass fan)

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