Sunday, August 9, 2009

long form clean sweeps (+ the contest winner!)

+ Run on over to your fav-OH!-rite Target, cause the new guest-star (stating it's a limited release scent on the back of the bottle) mandarin mango hand wash is hitting the shelves (Jamison, why do you never have faith in me? Ha ha!) I've got to say, when I gave it a good sniff in the store, I wasn't too impressed. (I'm not a big fruits/foods scent kind of guy. I lean more towards earthy, herby, and minty scents. And it really smelled like mango in the store, which wasn't a good thing for me! Eh, what can you do? I realize it says MANGO, but I was hoping it was more MANDARIN. So I snatched one up for the mandarin mango lust contest winner, but DIDN'T pick up a bottle for myself! Can you believe that?! Ok, so but then it was just calling to me at home, going "you need to give me a good try. Wash your hands!" "But my hands don't even need washed?" "But you want to know what it really smells like!" "But that's such a waste of water!" "Succumb!" and so, I did!

And I have to say, I was much more impressed with the scent in actual use, over just the sniff test in the store. The orange does come out much more during use! It sorta reminds me of orange Kool-aid. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I'll let you decide! But they should be in your local Target store soon, so keep a lookout! Cause they won't be around forever!

+ And speaking of mandarin mango hand wash! How about the big randomly chosen winner to our recent contest? And the winner IS... Kirby! Who had just purchased the lil' bowl blu! Yay, Kirby! Congrats! Drop me your mailing address, and one lustful bottle of mandarin mango hand wash shall be on it's way to you! (And never fear, I'm going to run out and pick up a new contest winner bottle! You won't be receiving my test bottle! Ha ha! I'm keeping it, now that I like it more than I had original thought I would!)

+ You can now find some .75 cent coupons stuck on select bottles of method daily shower spray! Check them out, and pick some up while the savings are good!

+ I've been seeing some random changes in packaging, including the term go-naked being removed from the spray cleaners (now it's just fragrance & dye free; and it's back to multi-surface, from all-surface. Unless these were old bottles? But they looked new to me. Really, I can't keep up anymore. method is constantly tinkering with their packaging? For better or worse, you let me know.) And they're changed the blue color on their lil' bowl blu bottles. Which I really got to say, not a fan! I love the subtle light blue, method! Bring it back. Their new thinking must be bright screaming colors, cause suddenly the blue blu bottle is this deeper bright blue; and some of their hand washes have almost gone neon (I'm talkin' to you, waterflower and refresh mint!)

+ Yo' method, I was standing in your aisle in Target today, and this older woman reached over to buy some lavender spray cleaner. Of course I started a conversation with her about method, and she told me her husband had recently bought some nasty Clorox spray cleaner that attacked her nose every time he used it; and she had started buying the method lavender and loved it (all her words!), and that's what she was sticking with from now on. Of course I was trying to get her to buy a bottle of the daily shower, with the coupon (which she thanked me for pointing out.) BUT she said to me "The thing I can't understand is why they will put out a big refill bottle for their daily shower (which she said she had at home) but nothing for the spray cleaners! They need the same thing in spray cleaners!") I know others would love this, so ding ding idea method, idea!

+ method luster Jamison (mentioned above!) let me in on a small secret that Target will place grey round stickers next to the shelf price stickers, meaning that particular item is being replaced, more than likely with an updated version. WELL, these grey stickers were next to most of his aircare line, which made him think the aircare line was indeed heading for a revamp! So he told me to check out my Targets. Well, Jamison, unfortunately, NONE of the three Targets I went to had grey stickers. But I know Target has this weird way of sort of doing things differently from store to store. So perhaps that's what your store does, and mine in this area does not. Time will, as usual, tell... but next time you're in Target, check the shelf price stickers next to the aircare, and see if you find any grey round stickers! And let us know! Thanks Jamison, and all you advocates!

+ And finally, who else has recieved this rather secretive email from method recently:

"hello fellow person against dirty, congratulations you have won (drum roll please)….a box! we want to give you a heads up that you will be receiving a special treat for being such a loyal method advocate. it will be in a box that is shaped similar to a mini pizza box. the contents inside won't be quite as tasty, although they will smell delish. so when you get it make sure to: 1. feel special, 2. read carefully, 3. spread the method love anyway you know how (hand deliver/ flickr/ youtube/ facebook/ tweet/ blog.) 4. tell us how you did it on method's facebook fan page! sorry to be so cryptic but we think you will be pleased with the surprise!" - Curiouser, and curiouser... (and excited to get it, whatever "it" is!)


melanemac said...

Hmmm...I was told that the grey stickers just mean that they have re-ordered something that is out of stock.

Sara P. Grady said...

I received that cryptic e-mail - I also can't wait to see what I get!

Melissa said...

I got the email too - so excited to see what we get!

Rhonda said...

I got it too- can't wait! I ws hoping you knew!

raded6 said...

I got that E-mail! I am a little upset at the Targets in my area. They have discontinued almost EVERYTHING from Method AND gotten rid of the shelf space. So, no restocks. All to make room for "fresh" vegetables and fruit. They also moved Method out of the cleaning products area into an area away from the rest. I am thinking we need to do something about this...write in campaign?

Jamison said...

Nathan: When did I ever doubt your Method greatness?

kirby said...

I wish I got those kinds of emails! Okay, okay, I can't complain because I am getting some mandarin+mango love in the mail (thank yoooou Nathan, I'm way excited!) but look... I'm pouting!

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