Sunday, February 7, 2010


method lust reader Jamison just spotted method's new laundry detergent at his local Target (and I have as well! Ugh, Target! My one complaint (as I always have one, right? Ha ha!) is as usual they carry peony blossom AND fresh air in both sizes, but the free + clear (the one I buy!) only in the large (meaning more expensive) size. Grr.)

Meanwhile, reader Regan spotted the amazing product at her local QFC! (Regan, what IS QFC? I've never heard of it!)

If you happen to spot method's new laundry detergent at a store near you, take a pic and send it in to method lust! I'll post them up as I get them! Happy hunting!


melanemac said...

I spotted the setup at Lowe's the other day (in these paper things), but they did still have the regular laundry on the shelves (looks like this QFC does, too).
While at Target I did find the shelf ready with labels for the product and the actual product in boxes ready to be put out. I couldn't find any of the former laundry detergent though on clearance...wonder if it might be heading to Big Lots?

Tracy said...

Spotted at Target this weekend around Atlanta
I got the cashier very excited when I was going thru the checkout.
She said "its so small!"
I think I talked her into buying one for herself!

Nathan Aaron said...

I have seen the (now) old method laundry detergent on sale at Targets in my area (it's still only on like 30% off sale or something) but I'm sure we'll ALSO be seeing some at Big Lots down the line.

Great work Tracy! :)

Nate said...

Sadly, my local Target cleared out the (old) detergent long ago so I've been without for a while!

The same with mine, though. No small free + clear. What gives?

Nathan Aaron said...

Target being lame is what gives, as usual. Sigh! You CAN find the small free + clear at a local Lowe's, though. I've definitely seen it there!

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