Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new new for you!

UPDATE Found it! During my usual Target jaunt (well, one of many many many... sigh!) I finally spied method's new limited edition waterfall hand wash! It is, as many lust readers have said, in with the main Target selection (dish cubes, all-surface cleaner, etc.) and NOT with the hand wash in the, well, hand wash area. method sorta likes to put their "top four" gel hand washes (pink grapefruit, lavender, cucumber and go naked) in with their big area product selection (now five, if you count waterfall!) They then put the remaining hand washes (sea minerals, waterflower, refresh mint, sweet water, the moisturizing line, etc.) on the hand wash aisles at Target. Should I draw you a map? Cause, really, I could. Oh how I could.

I gotta say, I love method's limited edition hand washes and hope they keep on keepin' on; but man, if I had to do a blind sniff test between their new waterfall and the sea minerals scents (which some readers have also said smell very similar) I'm not sure I'd be able to tell which one was which! I'm sorta surprised they chose a scent so very close to one they already carry. But I also know sea minerals appears to be a big hit for them, so perhaps they're trying to hook that customer base with some more similarly scented products.

You'll all definitely have to let me know if you agree or disagree on the scent similarity when you get a chance to try it out yourself (or hey, just do like I do, and sniff it in the stores! Man, I sniff so much stuff in the stores, I'm surprised Target hasn't pulled all the surveillance video together and made a mashup YouTube video of me sniffing method products! Ha ha! Oh but that's be so very sad. Let's hope that never comes to pass.)


Look and see! A brand new limited edition hand wash scent coming to a Target near you! - Waterfall (man does it look a lot like Sea Minerals! I'm really curious what the scent smells like!)

Let methodlust know if you spot new mr. blue on a shelf near you! (Wow, so much rhyme, so little time!) Waterfall will be available thru July (or so) according to method's latest Tweet!


The Classy Stoner said...

They sure have a lot of blue soaps.

Jamison said...

Yeah, I am ready for some different colors. Would love a Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition for fall. Method could roll it out when Waterfall comes to an end to carry us Lusters until the holiday season.

The Classy Stoner said...

I was thinking watermelon for summer!

Nathan Aaron said...

method used to do Fall limited edition hand washes and aircare. But they stopped that a few years ago, unfortunately. (Gingerbread spice and fig were part of that run.)

I think they only have eucalyptus mint, sea minerals, and waterfall now (in terms of blue LOL) Right?

Due to a really sweet person, I received a bottle of OLD SCHOOL method snowy days hand wash last week! Man, I love that smell. It's really clean and fresh. I wish they'd bring that back! That was one of their very first holiday scents!

I can't wait to try out the waterfall, but haven't found it in stores as of yet.

Aaron said...

I actually happened upon it at a Target store in Fresno, CA this past weekend. It's a bit more "watery" smelling than the sea minerals, which I think is a bit more powdery (without being feminine). Although my favorite scent is still Eucalyptus Mint (and that new cucumber + aloe scent) I rather liked it.

Jamison said...

FYI: At least at my Target it wasn't stocked with the other "bathroom" handwash, but was with the big Method section.

Brit said...

I hit a Target in Mass tonight, the fabric softener is on clearense, they have the new laundry soap in and a whole shelf load of the waterfall soap.

Grocerying said...

I bought one tonight at Target, huge fan of Method products! I still have my Mandarin Mango on my bathroom sink, so once that runs out I'll replace it with Waterfall. Great site by the way! :)

kirby said...

There was one bottle of Waterfall at "my" Target yesterday. It's safe, pretty benign--not amazing, not offensive. I'd love to see something more daring!

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