Thursday, February 25, 2010

sad homes

So it definitely looks like it's true. While still no official word from up on method high, I'm calling the time of death on aircare. I walked into my local Target last night and my shoulders slumped as I turned the aircare aisle corner and saw... the entire method section had been removed and replaced WITH... Glade. Glade, Glade, and more Glade. So. Sad.

The remaining method aircare items were moved to the endcaps of the aisles, where at least at my store they've hit 75% off now ($1.98 for aroma sprays!) So I'd say run out and snatch up what you can, cause it really truly looks like it's all over for the aircare line. Which shocks the heck out of me! I mean, this isn't small potatoes, this is an entire line of products they've had for years, gone. I think they've really dropped the ball on this one, but time will tell I guess.

Now I could be completely wrong here, but it's at least obvious that Target is done with the aircare line, it's history! So I'm sticking by my instincts on this one. With that said, let's (sniff sniff) take a quick last look at some old school aircare aisle shots!

(photos via The Dieline)


What are your thoughts? Gonna miss them? What will you use instead?


Jamison said...

You could still be wrong Mr. Method Lust. The Air Care Line is still going strong at Lowes and other online retailers like Either way, I am going to stock up at Target while the prices are amazing.

Rebecca said...

wah! I think I commented before that I have set my mom and sis on a mission to scope out Big Lots for the aroma pills for me! (there isn't one near me to scout myself!).

Honestly, if I can't get the refills for the pills anymore, then I just won't use a plug in. Conventional brands irritate my husband's asthma, and I've read bad things about the chemicals in some of them. So, I guess it's a stinky house for me!
: (

Tracy said...

These are sad sad times we live in. I have my reserves but on the sad day I run out it will be Mrs Meyers Scent Diffuser in lemon verbena
but I will only go kicking and screaming
C'mon Method - didnt you have the happy times with aircare too??

Jamison said...

I bought my first set of Aroma Sticks today. The amazing thing is I paid less than $6 for them at Target. I kind of had second thoughts about buying them, worried about what happens once the oil runs about, but I guess you can always get more oil though other retailers. I found the Aroma Sticks and Aroma Pill Refills in Sweet Water. Normally I use Fresh Cut Grass (and have a ton of them stocked up), but I'll admit, the Sweet Water scent is a pleasant change.

@Tracy: Have you ever used the Mrs. Meyers Scent Diffusers? I've looked at them several times on their website, but never needed them cause I have/had Method Aroma Pills. With the Pills coming to an (apparent) end, I'm going to give Mrs. Meyers a try, but was wondering your thoughts on them.

Cindy said...

Nathan, is there any world on whether their going to be redoing the aircare line or getting rid if it premantly?

Cindy said...

*word not world, haha

Nathan Aaron said...

Cindy, no word. This is the first time they have been completely silent on news! BUT, given the fact that Target has completely removed the entire area from their stores, I'd say that's not a good sign that we'll be getting a reworked aircare line. I think it's gone. :(

Karin said...

one disappointing thing after another (in my opinion) with method. i finally got to sniff the new cucumber + aloe hand soap (i had smelled the coconut + honey earlier) and what a disappointment! i am just not happy with method...all my favorites are gone...forever. :( i just hope they don't lose fans in the process...but i think they are skating on thin, thin ice.

Sprockets said...

I don't think Target is a reliable judge of changes in method's product lines anymore. They are really scaling back on method. stuff in general. Often I can't find most of the method. products I want there anymore. Lowes seems to be a better guide, as they still carry lots of method. stuff. Stupid Target.

kirby said...

Slowly but surely, I'm becoming a Mrs. Meyers fan. Their holiday scents totally won me over. If I can't have my method aircare, then I have no choice... It just hasn't been the same since my house smelled like cut grass and beach sage. :(

Jason said...

I'm a fan of Mrs. Meyers too, especially their Iowa Pine (holiday), Basil, and Lavender. I guess I'll be buying more and more from Mrs. Meyers line as Method keeps discontinuing products that I love.

Should I start up a "Mrs. Meyers Lust" blog? LOL

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