Thursday, February 25, 2010

what's so smart...

...about laundry? Hi Fred! Fred is a Green Chef! And those Green Chefs are always cooking up all sorts of greatness over at method! Case in point, their brand spanking new laundry detergent! So recently, Anna Boyarsky (president of the method fan club extraordinaire!) did a quick Q+A over on their official people against dirty blog with Fred Holzhauer about his favorite new product!


one of our unsung heroes here at method is fred. fred works on our formulations team, and not to brag or anything, but in his life before method, he developed the first oxiclean® liquid! we are lucky enough to have fred on our team now, and for the past year, he has focused solely on creating the stellar formula for our new laundry detergent. i sat down to pick his brain about what makes our formula better than the rest.

Q hi fred! Method laundry detergent is here. how excited are you?
A this project is the coolest thing i’ve ever worked on. now that this ultra-concentrated detergent has rolled out, it seems the “ultra” theme keeps coming up - i’m ultra pleased that we’ve managed to make laundry ”handy”. the pump is ultra easy, just one hand to use. it’s ultra portable for folks on the go (even if it’s to your mom’s or the ’mat). we’re starting to see people blogging about how they have discovered that method laundry detergent eliminates the need for an extra product for those tough spots and stains. ultra effective! seriously, we’ve heard about grass, garage greases and oils, blood, ink and marker, and that’s just NOT your typical foodie stuff. so give it a go as your pre-treat strategy as well. what can method laundry detergent do for you today?

making life easier and greener, like that, gives me and all of us here at method the ultra satisfaction.

Q what is so much “SMARTER” about method laundry detergent?
A there are a whole lot of smart ideas in there, but i think my favorite is that the formula is more efficient at how it approaches the fabric and soil. it gets more work out of less material. so that means super clean clothes with less product than conventional 2x detergents. minimizing the requirement at the washing machine level has translated into minimization all along the packaging and supply line. less packaging, less energy into raw material and manufacture, less fuel and shipping, all equals less waste!

Q what does ‘ultra concentrated’ mean?
A it’s 8x!!! our formula is 4x more concentrated than traditional 2x, and 8x more concentrated than old 1x formulations.

Q how’d you make it so concentrated?
A it wasn’t easy! quite a few man-years of development have gone into just investigating material functionalities and compatibilities for method® laundry detergent with smartclean™ technology. this detergent is pushing the limits of concentration, and that’s about all i can say here. the rest is covered in our patent application.

Q how is it that such a little bit works? and why does it work so well?
A we redesigned laundry detergent so it works in a whole new way. getting your clothes clean requires cleaning agents (aka surfactants). surfactants bond to dirt and stains in the wash, lifting them up to be carried away by water.

traditional detergent’s cleaning agents are on the inside in little balls and water is on the outside. for those cleaning agents to work, the cells have to break open to release the surfactants, which requires agitation and time… and is a little hit-or-miss…. not all surfactants break through which means you use (and waste) more detergent than you really need.

our smartclean technology™ formula is designed to be inside-out with cleaning agents outside, water inside. this allows cleaning agents to get to work right away – once released into the wash, they’re like magnets immediately drawn to dirt and stains. and unlike traditional detergent, more of our cleaning agents are used. that’s why you can use so much less and still get a great clean!

Q so now that you have revolutionized laundry what are your next plans fred?
A it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing more news from method in the laundry aisle. stay tuned!


Hmm, do you think he means new fabric softener (since their current softener line has been discontinued?) Curiouser and curiouser!

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