Thursday, February 18, 2010

spit polish

Hey lusters! Just wanted to make everyone aware of a couple of new fangled things I've sorta added to this here blog. (Things everyone else has had on their blogs since 1952. Didn't you know that's when blogs first began? Don't you read the internet? The internet is always right!)

Anyway, you can now choose to share each and every post you enjoy by just heading to the end of that post and clicking the plus sign on the share button! Facebook, email, Twitter, MySpace (if you still have a MySpace account, shame on you! Butterflies, unicorns, unreadable text and Creed playing in the background were so 2006!) Share away! It will only share that particular post (yay!), instead of what I originally had on method lust; which pretty much just shared the whole freakin' site. Ha ha!

Secondly, I've added "more method lusts" to the bottom of each post (the bottom of these posts is where it's at, I'm tellin' ya! The par-tay is happenin' THERE! You've been warned, invited, and as long as you bring a bottle of wine, appreciated!) Now if you want to read more about reusable bags (and who doesn't?! Right? Right?!) or candles, or whatever it may be, you have more articles to choose from relating to the one you just read, without hunting and pecking your way through method lust!

Just me trying to help out my lustful peeps! I know, I know... never say peeps again. Sorry.

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