Friday, February 19, 2010

in print

It's not very often you'll find method print ads! But as I was flipping through the latest issue of Dwell magazine (pictured above - full of modern drool! They should just call it Drool magazine, really!) I stumbled upon a TWO-PAGE spread method print ad! Whoa! It was of course for their new and most amazing laundry detergent! So be sure to check it out next time you're perusing Dwell!


Speaking of their laundry detergent. Target has these plastic presentation pieces they're clipping onto the shelves, next to the new detergent. They slide a card into the plastic thingy-ma-bob which gives people a quick what's what about the product! Well, as you know (if you've ever bought poster frames) the acrylic presentation pieces come with a blue sheet of film over them (to prevent scratching.) And one of my Targets had failed to remove the film, so it was hard to see the card. So there I am with my fingernails trying to make a scratch into the film, so I could pull it off the presentation piece and allow people to read the card more easily! I accomplished my goal, and quickly wadded up the film and slipped it behind the shelf piece. And as I walked away thought to myself "I really gotta get a life! I DON'T work for method!" Ha ha! Eh, what can you do?

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Jamison said...

I must not have a life either. I always reface and straighten the Method section at Target so that the product is prefect aligned on the shelves and facing forward. First impressions are key.

Why do I do this? Because selfishly I want other people to buy Method so Target will continue to carry it. Or it could be my OCD kicking in too.

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