Thursday, February 11, 2010

danny's discovery

Danny, Danny, Danny. Admit it. You don't really read method lust, do you? Oh, you might skim a post here or there, but really, really read it, no I don't think you do. Because if you did, you'd know I've been screaming the wonders of Baggu Bags for well, 2 years now! (Psst - I'm just giving method's Green Co-Conspirator, Danny Seo, some humorous jabbing. Why?)

Cause over on his personal blog, Daily Danny (full up on lots of grand green stuff!), he's finally discovered the greatness that is Baggu Bags! Danny writes:

"Twice a year in NYC is the New York International Gift Fair. It’s when designers/vendors and buyers collide and when decisions are made what home, beauty, and anything else you can pick up in a department store, catalog or gift store will be made. There is literally hundreds of thousands of items, some beautiful, some inventive, some eco-friendly and some outright what-are-they-thinking? worthy. This post is dedicated to the greener and better products I found this week.

Reusable tote bags have become like building a better mousetrap. Sure, everyone has as reusable bag and every store is selling all different types. There are plenty of terrible bags: the ones that barely hold anything or they rip after a few uses or have the giant SAFEWAY SUPERMARKETS logo emblazoned on the side. Not cool. So, the hunt for a pack of reusable tote bags that are sturdy, colorful, lightweight and can hold a whole cart’s worth of food may be over with these Baggu Bags.

All five of them fit into a tiny little bag. Because the nylon bags “memorize” the crease marks, they are very easy to fold right back up into tiny little squares. Each bag can actually hold up to 50 pounds each, meaning you can haul 250 pounds worth of groceries to and from your car to the house. The biggest question is: why on Earth are you buying 250 pounds of groceries?!? That question for another day…"


You'd think Baggu Bags were paying me for all the endorsements I seem to give them here on method lust! But no! (But uhm, Baggu, if you're reading this and just wanna send me free bags for spreading the word, I'm always open to that option! Ha ha!) Just like my ridiculously unhealthy love for method products, Baggus also hold a special place in my heart (which could be why there's no room for a boyfriend! Between method and Baggu, and maybe comic books (hey, I went to college to be a comic book illustrator, ok, so stop making fun of me!), there's no more room! Sorry guys! Yeah, yeah, that's what I'm gonna tell myself when I'm all alone this Valentine's day! That'll do the trick...oh, I'm so off topic here!) They're just really, really, really (one more time) really awesome bags! Of course everyone has their favorite brand, and I know there are lots of nifty styles and types out there; but for me, it's gotta be Baggu!

Be sure to read all about the other discoveries Danny found at the NY Gift Fair (man, I bet it would rock to go to something like that!); and be sure to give Baggu Bags a try! I bet you'll lust them as much as I do!

And if you've got a favorite reusable bag/tote you use all the time, drop a comment and give us the name and website/where they can be purchased! Let's spread the resuable bag love!


Karin said...

I worked at the New York International Gift Fair at Javits last week. I went by the baggu both and chatted with the gals for a few minutes. I really like the new duck bag! I wish I could have bought it at wholesale! :)

Nathan Aaron said...

Did you tell them Nathan loves them and wants you to send him free bags? Just askin'! ;)

Lucky you! Is it fun?

Emma said...

Not sure if they're available worldwide, but I'm a huge fan of the Trolley Dolly bags made by a company called ZPM (and no, I don't work for them :)). They're a set of reusable bags in different sizes that come in a funky satchel that you can attach to your shopping trolley. The set even comes with 10 reusable net fruit and veg bags, so no more horrible plstic bags at the supermarket. It's very funky and I get comments about mine on every shopping trip.

Rhonda said...

I am a big fan of envirosax bags- but now I am reading that the baggu bags slip over your arms- the envirosax don't so that..I might have to switch. I do love the pretty patterns of envirosax tho...

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