Sunday, February 7, 2010

to the loo

I'm so behind on this post it's crazy (hey, I might not have much of a life and all I dream about are method products dancing merrily in my head all day; but you know, sometimes laziness, work, or a bit of both get in the way! I think I need a method lust assistant! Ha ha!) But right now method is having all sorts of bathroom goodness going on!

You can download some awesome inspirational bathroom quotes here; place an order for their bathroom kit here (which comes with one each of: lil' bowl blu, tub 'n tile cleaner, le scrub, and flushable bathroom cleaner wipes.) - and use this checkout code: SHIPTOMYLOO for free shipping! Sale ends 2/12/10! So get to buying!

AND finally, there are so many bathroom related contests and things to read, you'll just have to run over to this post on method's official people against dirty blog to learn all about it! (Pictures, Facebook contests, Twitter contests, and more oh my!)

Whew! So get going cleanin' that loo!

1 comment:

Jamison said...

Is the Method Bathroom Kit really cheaper though Method's website or is it cheaper to buy the items at Target? What you think?

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