Sunday, April 11, 2010

be my baby!

Got a Babies R Us near you? Well, grab that purse/wallet and run on over! method lust reader Katie informed me over the weekend that she stopped into her nearest Babies R Us and found method Le Scrub for drum roll... 98 cents! It wasn't even listed as such on the shelf, and she didn't even realize what a deal she'd snatched up until she went to check out!

So needless to say, I had to do a quick run, and let me just tell you, it was like walking into a foreign country. I was actually uncomfortable in Babies R Us. Ha ha! I was like the odd man out! But anyway, ignoring all that, I found a slew of deals! I'm talking 98 cents Lil' Bowl Blu (my two stores were all out of the Le Scrub, in fact there was only one bottle of Lil' Bowl Blu, and it was just in some random area that didn't even have a tag!), $1.98 sweet water wet dryer sheets (the old school ones!), fuzzy peach kids line for $1.98, $4.98 free + clear squeaky green laundry detergent, and $1.98 smarty dish cubes! Ka-ching!

And (can we talk competitors for a moment, shh...) they also carry lots of Seventh Generation products, and a ton of them were on clearance. Dish soap, dish cubes, fabric softener (in free + clear! Hello, method, I bought TWO of these! Word to the wise, when your new fabric softener comes out, I pray there is some free + clear in there. Cause that was always my previous problem with the other version you had. I guess I'm the crazy one, cause I lust scents in everything, EXCEPT my laundry items. I must have detergent and fabric softener in free + clear. I hate my clothes to smell like anything! Yes, I'm weird. So I don't really ever use fabric softener, but when I found this I had to pick it up cause it was yes, once more, free + clear!) as well as spray cleaner, rinse aid for your dish washer, and more! AND it was $1.98 each, WITH a buy one Seventh Generation product (even clearance!) get one at 50% off price! Hello, did you hear that?! Hello!

Now like I said, double check the prices (they have price scanners in Babies R Us, and Toys R Us, which will usually have a small Babies R Us section) cause they aren't always priced as cheaply as they ring up! Good luck hunting, and thanks Katie!

I ended up with one package of method dish cubes, one Lil' Bowl Blu, and two jugs of Seventh Generation fabric softener (80 loads!) all for a grand total of $6.36! Deal-e-oh!


kirby said...

Well, I know where I'm going today! And even if there's no method, I'll still ride bikes and press the buttons on all the noisy toys.

kirby said...

Okay! For $14.52, I left Toys R Us with:

- One box of Go Naked Smarty Dish cubes (love the old boxes).
- Two packs of Squeaky Green Rice Milk + Mallow dryer cloths.
- One box of Seventh Generation free & clear dishwasher detergent pacs (I do love my Smarty Dish but I'm open minded about these sorts of things).
- One box of Seventh Generation blue eucalyptus and lavender fabric softener sheets.
- One 40 oz bottle of Seventh Generation free & clear fabric softener (hey, we love fabric softener).
- One bottle of Seventh Generation free & clear dishwasher rinse aid.
- Two boxes of crispy chocolate Easter bunnies.
- One tin of Hello Kitty mints (the most expensive item in my cart at a whopping $2.99).

She's crafty, and she's just my type. said...

YAY! Glad you checked it out... I so have to go back now. Of course, I'll have to wrangle my newborn to get there. Hehe.. I went into labor on Sunday, just hours after scoring my Le Scrub. Must have been all the excitement from my good deal!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that there are $1/1 or $2/2 seventh generation printable coupons. I had gone Sat. and bought 4 free & clear fab. softener, 2 free and clear dish soap, and 2 lemon dishwasher detergent for...$3.96 before tax!!! I went back today because there was 2 $1 off coupons in Sunday's paper. I got 3 toilet bowl cleaners and 1 dish soap for $2.26 including tax!! I am so excited!! Every 2 items total 2.96, $1 coupon for each item comes out to .96, or 48 cents each. HOW COOL IS THAT? Hope this helps someone.

Logan said...

Does this have to be a Babies R Us stand alone store? Or can it be the one that is ALSO a Toys R Us?????

Nathan Aaron said...

Both, Logan! :)

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