Monday, April 5, 2010

clean sweeps

Just thought I'd let everyone know Target seems to be doing another round of "method cuts"! The latest products currently being clearanced from their store shelves include:

+ olive leaf creamy body wash
+ squeaky green kids body wash and shampoos (both fuzzy peach and crisp apple. It appears Target is dropping the kids line. I've also noticed they've really cut back on the baby line as well. At most of my Targets they are now carrying only the body wash and bubbly bath. I've heard from so many people that method's diaper cream lotion works amazingly well; so it's rather stupid of Target to stop carrying that product!)
+ and waterflower gel hand wash

This doesn't necessarily mean method is discontinuing these products, but rather Target has decided to stop carrying them. So run out and stock up while you still can!

+ I've also noticed Lowes Hardware is clearancing method's water lily + aloe and fresh air fabric softeners (more than likely to make room for the new upcoming pump bottle method brand) and if you're lucky you can pick some up for $2.89! Check out your Lowes and see if they have any left!

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kirby said...

I thought maybe the kids line was already gone--recently I scored some fuzzy peach and crisp apple shampoos at my creepy neighborhood Big Lots!

The other day I also bought out the practically pre-historic green tea + aloe hand sanitizers at my local Staples. I'm not a hand sanitizer freak but I do work at a hospital and I don't want to bring any "special presents" home with me. I brought it to work to use at my desk and my coworkers are loving it!

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