Tuesday, April 27, 2010

vote daisy

Wow! So check this one out! Apparently Clorox® has sent method a cease-and-desist order concerning the use of an image of a daisy (yes, a daisy! As in the flower! Not even an iconic rendering of said daisy, but more so, simply the daisy!) So in true method style, they've built a grassroots website focusing on the fact that the daisy does indeed, belong to Mother Nature, and not Clorox® or method!

The site starts out: "hi there! our friends at Clorox® sent us a friendly note claming that the use of any yellow daisy imagery is an infringement of their trademark. considering mother nature designed the daisy, not Clorox®, we have a hunch she would object. what do you think?"

One interesting note is the fact that method used this advertising image early in their brand debut. - While Clorox® GreenWorks didn't even debut until 2008. Seems like the cease-and-desist should possibly be the other way around? Is this simply another case of "Big Business Bullying?"

Check out the entire votedaisy.com website here, vote for your choice, and read the Clorox® letter they received. Interesting to say the least! What do you think?


Just in! The New York Times has picked up on the daisy battle!


Anonymous said...

Did you pick the winners for the contest yet?

Anonymous said...

Clorox are you for serious?
Method was using the yellow daisy long before you.
Let's get a little real-ya'll stole that idea and stuck it on your product.

Trust no one is going to confuse method for Clorox.

*shakes head*

Gerkle said...

This is why, in the US, we have something called trademarks. Use them and you will not have issues.
I actually agree and voted for Clorox. Not a fan of their products but at least they are operating within the letter and intent of the law.

nettodo said...

Gerkle, you are ridiculous. Clorox does not own the daisy, plus the method daisy looks completely different than the clorox one. If Clorox would just realize that other companies solely entitled to green, then this whole brouhaha would have not started. Go mother nature and method!

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