Thursday, April 8, 2010

finds! - microfiber glass cloths

Did a quick trip through good ole' Big Lots the other day, and happened to stumble upon some method window + glass microfiber cloths!

I really can't explain it, but mine apparently got tired of living with me and taking all that verbal abuse (I told it multiple times I was just stressed out from work, and didn't mean to take it all out on, well, it. But alas, I guess there's only so long a cleaning cloth will stick around in that kind of environment; and without wanting to go to couples therapy, man, I figured it was over.) Either that, or I just lost it. Oh oh, yeah. The second one. I haven't a CLUE how you can lose a microfiber cleaning cloth in my little house, but leave it to me to do so. I've searched everywhere, and could never find it. Target had clearanced them out ages ago (oh my, now THERE'S a surprise. Not.) but I knew I'd seen them at Lowes, so I figured sooner or later I'd pick another one up.

But hey, for $2.50 at Big Lots, I'm glad I held out! I don't THINK they're being discontinued or anything (though you never know) but more so I bet it's just over-supply or something... snatch up a few before they're gone! And let method lust know if you stumble upon anything else method-y while at your local Big Lots!

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