Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sneak peek - tiny hands!

After last weeks Babies R' Us method clearance extravaganza comes even more news! method luster Natalie dropped me an email this week letting me know that, as she was looking for those great method deals, she'd stumbled upon some brand new method kids products during a run to her local Babies R' Us! So sure enough, I did a quick search on their website and right there they were! (I haven't had a chance to check them for myself, yet! But you know I will!)

It looks like method is continuing to revamp their kids line, calling it Tiny Hands and has added two foaming hand washes to the bunch, in brand spankin' new scents (well, sorta.) Introducing sweet pea! And crisp apple! (Ok, so crisp apple has been around in their kids line of body wash and shampoos, but never as a hand wash!)

Actually the crisp apple hand wash is funny to me, because no joke, just yesterday a friend of mine made a comment about how she's just used some method hand wash, and her hands "smelled liked green apples now!" I proceeded to tell her I was very worried, as method didn't make a green apple scented hand wash (turns out it was green tea + aloe! Ha!)

Well, now she can get some crisp apple foaming hand wash! I'm really curious to get a whiff of the sweet pea! I'm sure it won't smell anything like this, but Mrs. Meyers has a snap pea scent that literally smells like fresh peas! I'm wondering if it'll be similar (cause I lust that scent!)

Along with the new foaming hand washes comes sweet pea baby laundry detergent! According to their site (at this time, at least) Babies R' Us is only carrying the 50 load bottle. I have a feeling this will replace the current baby laundry detergent from method (but, don't take that as gospel!)

Right now all of these products are available online, as well as rolling out at Babies R' Us stores! I haven't heard if anyone has found these at Target, Lowes, etc. so I'll let everyone know, once I've received more information!

Head on out and pick some up, and let method lust know what you think of the new scent, sweet pea! Wait, I was talking about the scent, not you. Oh, ok. You're a sweet pea, too. Yes you are! Oh yes you are. You know you are-ee war-ee. Oh who's a sweet pea? Who's my little sweet pea? Oh yes, yes, yes, you are...


PS - Thanks for the heads up, Natalie!


kaoticorchid said...

Actually, I think I'll be kind of sad if they replace the current scent for their baby laundry line. I love the rice+mallow scent! :: pout::

The 'tiny hands' name for the foaming hand wash is adorable, though.

josh said...

Wow, adorable much? This is such a lovely merger of the foaming handwash bottle and the kids line butterfly design.

I read this post on my phone ten minutes after 9 while I was in Target. If only I was a few minutes sooner, I could've ran to the Babies R Us next-door to Target and checked these out!

PS/OFFTOPIC: I'm so sad that Water Flower isn't at Target anymore. It both matched my bathroom and smelled great for spring/summer. Other than the method site, do you know of any stores that continue to sell it? I can't wait until my Targets get Violet Bloom...I wanna smell it!!!

melanemac said...

I had the same thought...I really, really love the rice+mallow and while I haven't smelled the Sweet Pea yet, I will miss it if they take it away.
As for the foaming hand wash, very cute, but I hope they come in a refill. As for now, I've learned that you can take the regular hand wash refill and combine half/half with water and use as the foaming hand wash.
Oh and BRU does carry the Free laundry in a 25-count, so they might carry the baby the same. Although with two kids, the 50-count will be a must with us!

kirby said...

I hope this Sweet Pea scent smells nothing like the Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea. Blech!

Trina said...

I'm in Canada so wondering who will carry this scent here? I love this new detergent but I am not crazy about the scents. I prefer Peony over Fresh Air but I hope that Sweet Pea (being for babies) would be a nice "mellow" scent. Can't wait to try it.
PS. Great blog Nate!

Tracy said...

I checked this out tonight and my BRU had the detergent in sweet pea and ...... it didnt smell so much to me like sweet pea anything just a lightened version of rice milk and mallow. I thought - cant be right
so I sniffed the other baby detergent and sure enough - just seemed like a milder lighter scented version - in both the large and small pump
no handsoap yet at mine but then again we still dont have the violet handwash at our Targets either *sniffle* and I oh so love violets

Bastet said...

I wonder what it is about us Method mad people. You devote an entire blog to it. I am always patrolling the stores for it, plead with the local Lowe's guy to stock it again, keep sending suggestions down the Whole Foods box, etc. I think we are obsessed. Will definitely bookmark you.
I have to smell this before I order it out of the blue. Just used up my peony, so it's a good time.
Regarding your list of retired scents: I can't believe they even HAD creme bruleé, much less retired it! I never got a chance to even try it. The lunkheads. Also a sad farewell to ginger yuzu, which is in a bathroom right now.
i'd have to order violets to get it. Our Target is horrible slow on the uptake, although they do have Waterfall (which I bought lots of).

Anonymous said...

Hi Nate! I just found your blog and I LOVE it!!

They don't sell Tiny Hands up here in Canada (boo!) so I think we'll order some online. Have you tried it yet? Just wondering what makes it different then the regular foaming hand soaps. Is it just the scent that makes it "kids" or is there something else different about it?

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