Thursday, April 15, 2010

quick question

method lust wants to know! Sniffed out any good method finds lately at your favorite discount stores (Big Lots, Goodwill, Ross, Marshalls, etc.?) Let us know!


Jamison cOMBS said...

The best deals I have found lately were at Babies 'R Us and Big Lots. As mentioned in the post below, Babies 'R Us has a ton of Method products on clearance.

I found the microfiber cleaning cloth at Big Lots as mentioned below. I haven't seen any candles lately, but am headed to Ross today to check things out.

brit said...

I went to a local TJ Maxx the other day and found a truckload of aroma pill refills in the holiday scents. I also found some sweet water and vanilla apple single pill refills and one lonely cut grass pill kit.

Julie said...

It's not the most fabulous deal, but my local Bed Bath and Beyond is giving free microfiber cloths with the purchase of any 24oz cleaner (i.e., granite, stainless steel, etc.) Hey, it enticed me!

kirby said...

Aside from my huge score at Toys R Us, I found two brand new cut grass aroma pills in my often neglected coat closet! Apparently I bought them at Ross months ago and stashed them away.

"My" Big Lots had a decent sized selection yesterday but I didn't come home with anything. Nothing I liked and/or truly needed. Microfiber cloths, some pom tea candles, aroma pills and sprays in sweet water and vanilla apple, aroma rings, french lavender wipes, and crisp apple/fuzzy peach shampoos.

Jason said...

Found some Vanilla Apple (one of my all-time fav Method scents!) aroma pills @ Big Lots last week.

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