Monday, April 12, 2010

bless her bag

So I did a little trip to Walmart tonight (have I told you recently how much I hate that place? Oh, I have? Ok. Then why did you go there tonight, Nathan? Well, let's just move on, alright...) and picked up three things. A box of cereal and two frozen dinners (Special K and Health Choice! Ah, and you thought I was being all bad with my eating.)

Went up to the register, and waited in line, pulled out my reusable bag all ready and in hand. Now, I haven't had a peep from anyone concerning reusable bags in a long, long while! Yay! And this wasn't REALLY about the reusable bag, but still. Ahem. - Get to the counter, the elderly woman (hold that thought) started ringing up my cereal and SLAP into a plastic bag it went. Picture this. I'm on the left. Register and cashier in the middle, endless merry-go-round of plastic bags on the right. So I politely said "Ma'am, you can just put that in my own bag I brought." Trying to be nice, ok?

Ignoring me, she continued ringing up my meals, and reached over for the plastic bag again, and I said (getting worried here) "MA'AM! I have my own bag." And she said "I know you have your own bag! I've already started putting your stuff in this bag!" as she was (luckily) pulling out my cereal from the plastic bag. Then as if to just get in one last little bit she said "anyway, you're bag is supposed to be in this area at all times" pointing to the merry-go-round of bags. She shoved the stuff in my reusable bag (I could definitely feel some sort of reusable bag hostility going on) and I said very loudly as I'm punching in my debit card numbers "I'm just trying to save the world a little bit here!"

And with that I walked out. Hey, it wasn't a big thing, small in fact. But for some reason it got under my skin. But hey, I had to simply say to myself "Bless her heart, she's like 350 years old. She's just tired is all." and let it go.

Those of you who are from, or have lived in the South and know exacty what people REALLY mean when they say "Bless your heart" down here, well, they'll know what I was really thinking...


melanemac said...

K...I just had to laugh at this! The best is when they put it into the plastic bag, you ask them to take it out and then THROW away the plastic bag they were using! I mean seriously?

Also, now that CVS has the reusable bag tag, it is probably close to 50% of the time that they scan the tag and then still put the items into a plastic bag?!?!

Jamison cOMBS said...

Nathan... what do you expect?! Seriously. You're shopping at Walmart. (AKA: The Trailor Park; Satan's Asshole)

glittorgirl said...

The one thing that annoys me is when I tell the cashier that I have my own bag, and they still put my stuff in a plastic bag. Then when I point it out to them again, they take every thing out of the plastic bag, crumple up the plastic bag and throw it out. WHAT!?! There was nothing wrong with that bag, it had one item in it.

It's sad that most people just don't care. Unless the world is ending tomorrow and the only way to save it is for every one to do something green today...they just don't care!

Jason said...

I would've taken her name and complained to the store mgr.

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