Thursday, July 30, 2009

blown out?

UPDATED UPDATE to my UPDATE method lust reader Karin says "when you say "aircare" line - are you talking about the candles, sprays, pills, aroma rings and oil diffusers? I mean, what the heck is left? Not that I don't like some of their other products (I heart the shower spray, lil bowl blu and le scrub)...but seriously, I feel like that is half their line!

Honestly though, I have always had an issue with the price of their aircare line - a little on the pricey side. So if aircare wasn't selling well, I would venture to guess that other people thought they were a little pricey too. Ok, sorry for the rambling rant - i'm just a little shocked."

Karin, those are indeed all the products I'm talking about when I say aircare line. And I agree, I think it's a big part of their line. And, (PS. - Nathan needs a life) I was thinking about this last night (see, I told you he did) and I've sorta taken a step back here. I think the CURRENT version of aircare will be discontinued. BUT I have a feeling (some little voice in the back of my head, it's hard to keep him quiet sometimes. Shh, I'm trying to think! Quiet, I say! Quiet!...) saying method would be really stupid to cut the entire line; so I'm now going with it being rebooted/revised/revamped. In the end, we'll see.

Now I do have a couple small comments that I've heard here and there that make me feel otherwise, but I'm sticking with the aircare line staying/returning in SOME form. But no matter, I still say stock up, because not only do I bet many of these product versions won't be back; but I'm also betting all the scents will be replaced (which might actually be a great thing!) So grab your favorites while you can! (So much speculation, so little time! Ha ha!)


UPDATED UPDATE Ok, folks. The method aircare aroma ring refills have all gone on clearance. That's it, I'm callin' it! The aircare line is being discontinued. You know how there are those people that tell you they're totally innocent, but won't actually let you see the evidence for yourself, to easily prove their innocence. Like they actually have something to hide, and uh, aren't really innocent? (Uh, what the heck, Nathan?) What I mean is, method is being really hush hush over this one; and that can only mean one thing, the aircare line IS being discontinued (cause otherwise it's pretty easy to just say "Uh, no, it's not being discontinued." Know what I mean?) So, again, I'm callin' it! Is it being replaced out with a new, rebooted aircare line? There might be a teeny, tiny small chance there, but honestly, I wouldn't hold my breath. Run out and stock up, cause it's happening people!

I'm sorta surprised at the total lack of comments concerning this news? Are you gonna miss the aircare line? Should we work up a petition (seriously!)? Are you glad to see it go? Are you sobbing uncontrollably? Let us know! (And if you're sobbing uncontrollably, tissues are in the bathroom. There's a fresh box.)


UPDATE Alright, so uhm, a sorta update here. Now let me just tell you, usually, method is really great about providing me with news, announcements, and the such. But this time around, mum's the word! No one is cracking, no matter how much chocolate, Metromint water (mmm! Minty water!) and cash I sling their way. And honestly, I'd heard some weird extremely cryptic rumblings a few months ago; but I kept still. Quiet as a mouse. Hush hush, you know? Cause I'm all about playing fair! Nice and easy! You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back. Penny for your thoughts? Who's on first? What's on second? No wait, where was I?

But now with what looks like the aircare candles actually being discontinued at Target, I think my horrible no-no-please-no! hunches were correct. While everyone is staying zipped up tight at method, and I've asked, OH have I asked, after seeing the candles hit clearance (but not before, because well, you know, all that mum's the word and fair play stuff and oh uh, I'm sorta lost? Anyone have some bread crumbs?) So here goes nothing. This is NOT official (but sorta the word is "stock up on aircare.") I think the aircare line is about to go bye-bye! SO, I'll keep chipping away, and trying to find out more information; but until then, I highly recommend you start stocking up on some method aircare. It just might be your last chance!

What are your thoughts? Can you live without the aircare line? What if they replace if with some dandy awesome new (non-aircare) line? Would that heal your wounds? No? Yes? Seriously, we might have to start an online petition if this happens. Because I'm not sure about YOU, but I don't think ole' Nathan can live without his method aircare. So. Serious.


...Sniff. So folks, I return (slightly tanned/burned and in vacation withdrawal already!) with some (possibly) bad news. Target has just started putting the method aircare candles on clearance. And while I (currently) have no official information on this, I do believe this might be the end for our belusted aircare candles! I really don't believe they're reworking the containers again, and would bet money the candles are being discontinued (with possibly their only return being during the holidays?) NOW, like I said, I should have some officially official word here in no time, and I'll update everyone!

For the moment, I'd run out and start stocking up on your favorite aircare candles (and maybe all your favorite products from the entire aircare line, JUST in case?) Hysterics exit left, sobbers exit right! Needless to say, to be continued!


josh said...


i saw all of the sweetwater candles on clearance at one of the targets near me and was wondering what was going on.

if what you said is the case, i'll be somewhat sad. i just hope they keep candles for the holiday scents. i seem to burn candles more during that season, anyway.

josh said...

ps: offtopic— that target also got more penguin-shaped bottles in. the green apple and fuzzy peach for kids (as we knew)... but also a white penguin bottle for the baby line. so cute!

Nathan Aaron said...

I figured the white bottle was just a matter of time! SO cute! I noticed that Target is also clearancing the olive leaf soap bars, and the 3-in-1 shampoo in fuzzy peach (possibly to be replaced with the new penguin bottles.)

Anonymous said...

Re Vamp
Re Vamp
Re Vamp

Karin said...

when you say "aircare" line...are you talking about the candles, sprays, pills, aroma rings and oil diffusers? i mean, what the heck is left? not that i don't like some of their other products (i heart the shower spray, lil bowl blu and le scrub)...but seriously, i feel like that is half their line!

honestly though, i have always had an issue with the price of their aircare line...a little on the pricey side. so if aircare wasn't selling well, i would venture to guess that other people thought they were a little pricey too. ok, sorry for the rambling rant...i'm just a little shocked.

p.s. does anyone else think the mango mandarin scent should have been released at the beginning of the summer? that is such a summer scent!

p.p.s. how sad is it that their will not be a mango mandarin aircare line...i totally would have bought the plugin pills!

jeanlass said...

I would miss the aircare line, especially the holiday scents, aroma pills and sprays (sticks not so much). I agree with Karin about the prices. But when I'm in Target's "aircare aisle" (I liked it better when all the Method stuff was in one place!), the rest of the selections scare me. So I hope Method isn't abandoning the aircare line completely.

Now, I have a question that only you can answer! A couple of my aroma pill bases are a few years old and the new refills are just the tiniest bit too small for them- just enough to prevent me from screwing the refills in correctly. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I the only cheapskate who's held on to her aroma pill bases since the Bush administration?

Nathan Aaron said...

jeanlass, really? I've had my aircare pills forever! Since they first came out (why replace them if they work!) but I've never noticed this. Hmm, I'll check with method and see what they say! Then I'll post back here! Thanks!

jeanlass said...

Thanks, Nathan!

Anonymous said...

Honestly-I'm not crazy about most of the aircare line. I like the aircare spray...and yeah that's about it.
I get the vibe Target is about to completely do away with the entire Method line-maybe it's just the one in my area...just sayin'.

side note: You've been nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award.


arturobandini2 said...

I suspect your initial hunch is correct, Nathan. I just wrote Method and asked them point-blank if they're discontinuing the aircare line. As usual, I got a supersweet, gracious response that completely avoided the question. Why be so cagey if it's not going away? Or maybe Rebecca is right. Either way, they act like they're sitting on a bombshell.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey jeanlass, hope you're still reading this! I got an answer from method!

"Here is what Erik from packaging said "From what I know, there were no changes made to the refills or the base. We could always send a new base if needed."

Have them write to info (at) and talk to todd and he will hook them up."

Sweet of them! Hope that helps!

jeanlass said...

Wow- that's so cool!!! I'll double-check the base to make sure I'm not delusional before I e-mail him. Thanks, Nathan!

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