Monday, July 6, 2009

clean sweeps

+ method luster Brit let us know that you can download a method $1.00 off coupon on! And that also, if you pick up a current copy of the Whole Foods newsletter, they also have a $1.00 off coupon for our favorite company! Enjoy! Thanks, Brit!

+ The new issue of Consumer Reports chooses their two best phosphate-free dishwasher detergents! And one just happens to be method smarty dish! Yay!

+ Speaking of those cute little oval cleaning machines, has anyone tried method's tip on using smarty dish as a whitening booster in your laundry? If so, what were your results! Let us know!


Brit said...

Also, I went to a local Lowe's yesturday and theyre having a Method sale until August.
The sale is something like buy a laundry detergent, get laundry sheets free, buy aroma sticks gets aroma refill free (something like that). So the whole Method line is on a BoGo sale.

Nathan Aaron said...

Brit, I just checked my Lowe's out (you mean the hardware store, right? There is a Lowes Grocery chain in our area, also; so it's sorta confusing) and I didn't see any signs or such about a BOGO in the method section. Perhaps it's limited, or over. :-( If anyone sees this, let me know!

Brit said...

I meant Lowes hardware, sorry lol. The sign I saw said sale dates 6/22-8/22.

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