Thursday, July 30, 2009

sneak peek - mandarin mango hand wash

UPDATE I just checked with method, and unfortunately mandarin mango hand wash is a Target exclusive, and therefore won't be available in Canada. Sniff! Sorry, Canadians!


Check out this sneek peak of method's new limited edition (or rather, guest star!) mandarin mango hand wash! I think it's pretty cute they've decided to give it the title of "guest star" instead of "limited edition" (like they've done in the past.) It's pretty neat, and would definitely let consumers know it won't be around forever!

If you haven't signed up for the mandarin mango lust contest yet, the contest ends July 31st! So hurry and get your name in! Pronto! Go, go, go! Move it! What'cha waiting for? Last call! Over and out! Movin' on! (Oh skedaddle already! It's so freakin' easy!)


Anonymous said...

Do you know if this will be coming to Canada too?

Anonymous said...

I just found this today i havent seen it so i snatched it up since i know it wont be around long what have the other guest stars scents been?

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